Saturday, 25 October 2008

Ten questions to ponder

Why do Manchester United players so rarely get sent off?

Why are Hull the best side in the land?

Why is William Gallas Arsenal club captain?

Why is Cristiano Ronaldo so fond of rolling in the dirt?

Why do Tottenham fans see no 'point' in life at the moment? (cue spuds victory)

Why play with a defence at all?

Why does Wayne 'Shrek' Rooney love licking the Manure badge so much?
(is it coated with lard?)

Why does Emmanuel Eboue like to dress up as Tiger?

Why are you reading this blog?

Why is there not a tenth question?


Ted said...

The fact that Gallas has a smoke every now and again seems to have been blown out of all proportion.

In the Adams / Keown era it seems all the players liked a beer and a fag. I'm not saying that was a good thing, its just that if we want Gallas to be a bit more like Keown then smoking is a step in the right direction.

When I see Gallas with a pint of Guiness and a kebab then he will be worthy to be the Arsenal captain.

1979gooner said...

I wouldn't mind if he could defend.

However there is no point making scpaegoats, Toure has not been good enough either and the midfield give the defence very little protection.

Si said...

The sooner Gallas is bombing e the better.