Saturday, 11 October 2008

England 'supporters' et al

International weekends are certainly good for one thing, that is realising that thankfully we don't have to endure dire international games every week, even Arsenal's performance against Fulham was more inspiring than an England game. At least the younger England chaps are not quite as insipid as their senior colleagues, Lansbury and Murphy amongst the goals for the young lions.

Following a few days of frenzied media hype, what a surprise it was that the England game turned out to yet another limp affair, the score may have been 5-1 but the lack of inspiration was there for all to see. Playing the fat Shrek on the wing was truly awesome given his breakneck acceleration, in truth Walcott was about the only man on the pitch capable of beating a man, while England's fluent passing game was hardly in danger of setting the stadium on fire, it was lethargic and pedestrian at best. I'm no Ashley Cole fan, far from it, however England fans booing him after his error demonstrated what moronic fools they are. It will not help the player or the England team if the fans cannot try to get behind the team a little bit more, frankly I'm apathetic to the national side, the only thing they are good for is inducing a little kip on the sofa.

William Gallas has been speaking of the need to instill a winning culture at the club, nice words, but to do that we'll need to defend a bit better and perform a lot more consistently:

"There I became imbued with the winning culture, which doesn't exist yet at Arsenal."

Alexander Hleb has confirmed once again that he is a rather stupid little weener, having spent a few years chasing his tale in North London, he is now speaking out about his desire to see Cesc at the Nou Camp. I would like to second Arseblogger's little note to Mr Hleb, maybe his lack of oral control is something to do with the fact that he can't hit a barn door with a banjo, possibly a new medical condition? Hlebanjitis possibly?

The bad news is that RVP and Gallas (maybe not bad news) have both picked up injuries whilst on international duty. It may leave Nic Bendtner with a big opportunity to prove his worth, however Djourou came off at half time for the Swiss, but was apparently pretty solid and his cut to the face shouldn't keep him out for long. To counter this with some potential good news, it appears that the repugnant fat troll Alisher Usmanov may be about to abandon his attempts at purchasing a controlling stake in Arsenal FC. Maybe he is about to launch a bid to buy Barca, tie Hleb up and force him to watch videos of shots actually hitting the target, he could throw a red hot poker into the action too, go on Alisher you know you want to.....


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Ted said...

I'd rather you left Hleb's banjo out of this.