Friday, 17 October 2008

Ho hum another weekend appears

The gripping international break is now over and Everton at the Emirates await, and yet another flurry of injuries have emerged, I just love international football, don't you? I guess at least England did win a couple of games, but I still find it hard to get excited about the international game, it's rather second rate compared to the best of the premiership and the champions league.

We are in big trouble at the back as Gallas, Sagna and Djourou are all out. That leaves us with Eboue surely having to deputise at right back, and Silvestre at centre back. It's not as easy game to be fielding a back four that has not previously played together. However there is good news in that the seemingly permanently injured Abou Diaby is fit again, one wonders how long that will last, however if he can stay fit, a big if, then he may well be able to provide a bit of a physical presence that we have been lacking so far this season.

Everton will be no push overs, despite a pretty poor start to the season they do have some handy players and will be fired up for the occasion. David Moyes claims Everton will set out to attack us, however realistically I expect Everton to play in quite a cagey fashion, Moyes is too astute to throw that kitchen sink at us at the Emirates. Fingers crossed.

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Ted said...

If Silvestre comes in and does well today, then that will put a lot of pressure on Gallas.

I still find it odd that Arsenal are hoping the ex-Manure mutant does better than the ex-Chelsea lisper. Its just not right.