Saturday, 25 October 2008

I wonder what Monday will bring?

A short postlet this morning troopers. Looking at the fixture list for this weekend, its one of those weekends where something interesting might happen.

ManUre have a trip to Everton, who are on a poor run of form and Moyes will have them tighter than a gnats arse. Or at least I hope he does, otherwise that caveman Rooney will carve them apart. Similarly, the Chelsea v Scouse game on Sunday looks a tasty prospect and difficult to predict. You can argue that Chelsea should win at home, and they probably will, but a Scouse victory would be interesting to dent Chelsea's bubble, and a draw would potentially allow us to close the gap.

So, if we do the necessary against the soon-to-be-bankrupt Hammers, it could be one of those weekends where the results go our way. It'll never happen but the thought has cheered me up this morning.


Anonymous said...

ManUSA are winning 1-0 and should be 3-0 by now. Chelsea with destroy a Torres-less Liverpool as Gerrard away against Chelsea is usually very poor so a home banker for me.

To make is worse we will probably not win against West Ham because if any of you have a shred of intelligence you'd of realised that our defence is about as tight as Jenna Jameson's p****. Says it all.

Ted said...

There you go, Everton 1 ManUre 1. Its happening already.

Jenna Jameson is probably better in the heading department than most of our defence so lets sign her up and cheer some of you miserable pessimistic bastards up.