Thursday 31 July 2008

A pea would be rather generous

Ian Wright has never been the sharpest tool in the box, in fact if he was a tool (some would say he most definitely is these days) I'd suspect that he'd be so very soft and blunt that you could use him as a cushion. The Online Gooner has picked up on some rather stupid (at best), disrespectful and disgraceful (in reality) comments of his that have appeared in the Sun 'newspaper', personally my arse is too fussy to use it as bog roll.

"MY old Arsenal team-mate David Rocastle would be turning in his grave right now if he looked at what is happening with the Gunners."

I won't stoop so low as to use David Rocastle in my argument, however Ian Wright is more than happy to exploit the death of an Arsenal legend in order to pen a rather poorly constructed hunk of pseudo-emotive drivel, in which he pretends to care for people other than himself such as Arsenal football club and Arsenal fans. Ian Wright has put the boot into Arsenal FC on several occasions since he left the club back in 1998, he even declared upon leaving Arsenal for the hammers:
"But I believe West Ham will catch up with them and that Harry is building a squad capable of winning something - and I want to help."
The undistilled genius in this quote was a sign of things to come from Ian Wright, he has never quite had the brain to think before he opens his big mouth, in fact these days I wonder whether he actually possesses any capacity for independent thought. He's insulted the club, urged Arsenal players to leave and generally done anything that will earn him a bit of cash, it must even be a struggle for his minute brain to coordinate having a sh*t.
Now he has stooped to a new low even for Mr 'peanut-brained-I write-for-a-paper-with-a-reading-age-of-8- moneygrabbing-soul-selling' Wright. Amusingly Wright's article came just before a very exciting young Arsenal side dispatched a strong Stuttgart 3-1, still I am sure Ian is still desperately worried for our chances next season, not quite as worried as he is for the rate of increase of his bank balance though. David Bentley would probably run Wright close in a footballers mastermind challenge, Bentley is probably a tad brighter as he can create words out of nothing such as the brilliant 'betterment'.
Personally I fear for Ian Wright's microscopic brain, it must be ever so lonely inside his incredibly thick walled cranial vault, relatively speaking it is so isolated in time and space that it must be crying out for help with these rather incoherent sparks that are used to generate journalism of the lowest gutter variety. Wright's comments are also symptomatic of a media that is sometimes keen to deliberately whip up controversy while throwing ethics out the window, all in aid of a fast buck. Sink any lower Wrighty and you'll be playing for Tottenham.


Anonymous said...

well said... your english is too good mate.... cheers... you insult people without using swear words.. well

Ositos Malos said...


1 : a making or becoming better
2 : an improvement that adds to the value of a property or facility

I hate the guy, and feel extremely happy his move gave the club 7 millions... however the word is correct.

K man said...

I think Adebayor should play centre back next season and take a pay cut for being a tw*t.

Vela looks handy.

2 weeks to go - can't wait to see big sebastian again...really missed him over the summer.

1979gooner said...

well noted ricardo, d'oh

still a very inelegant word though!

Anonymous said...

this article substantiates nothing, it merely attempts to ridicule. ian wright makes a valid point - the team is one or two stars, a gaggle of who's who, and straggling want-aways. wake up. sure, ian stirs it up and you lot eat it up, that's how he makes a living. but title talk with this bunch is the real nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Yes anonymous we will see at the end of the season. Wrighty was talking this sh!t at the start of last season too and look what nearly happened. He was a great player but he sadly doesn't seem to have many more than 185 brain cells the poor retarded bastard.

Anonymous said...

Rofl Ian Wright what a knob.
Arsenal have a weaker squad than last year IMO. David Bentley came across as quite well-educated in his press conference today. I hope Spurs can break into the top 4 but I'm not very optimistic. We still have a lot of work to do in order to get our squad up to that quality. Yes, I am a Spurs fan :D.

Anonymous said...

Ian Wright will always be an Arsenal legend. I don't agree with his comments in this article and many others. However I do not see anything disrespectful in his comments, just his opinion written in a tabloid style. I don't see why he should be labeled unintelligent by a P.... like this anyway.

What I find disrespectful is such articles and comments from cheap Arsenal fans that have no gratitude or true loyalty to our players, yet they expect the players to have loyalty to the club.

Why should we expect loyalty from Flamini, Hleb or Ade when our fans are so two faced and are ready to slate them every time they have a dip in form. Even the Spuds fan showed more respect for Wrighty than some of you.

1979gooner said...

hmmm, a couple of comments I would take issue with:

'Ian Wright makes a valid point'

No he quite clearly does not, as Arsenal proved last season they were only a hair's breadth from winning the title despite the fact that morons like Ian Wright had written off their hopes before the season had even started.

"Ian Wright will always be an Arsenal legend."

No. He'll always go down as a great player for Arsenal. However respect is very much a two way thing.

Ian Wright has shown very little respect for the club since he left, therefore your claim that all Arsenal fans should continue to respect him is a tad ridiculous.

In fact Ian Wright has shown very little respect to anyone other than himself throughout his career, especially since he hung up his boots.

Players like Gilberto Silva earn their respect from fans, players like Ian Wright do not in my opinion.

So before you write me off as someone who slags off current Arsenal players, then I suggest you have a look at what's been written on this blog, we're strong defenders of our playing staff, even when playing badly, we do not slate Arsenal players for bad form, others do, we do not!

Your ideas of loyalty and respect are misguided at best. Loyalty and respect are both very much two way. Ian Wright has done a great deal to erode whatever loyatly/respect fans once had for him.

If you call me 'cheap', then Ian Wright and people who defend him are certainly considerably cheaper.

Ted said...

This is a tricky one, but let me set my stall out early. Ian Wright was, and still is, an Arsenal legend. However, his recent press articles, especially this one, are a disgrace. Its the sort of bullshit you expect to read on Le Grove.

The basis of Ian Wright's article is that we cannot keep hold of our good players like we used to. That is a stupid thing to say on many levels.

Firstly, and fundamentally, Arsenal have virtually always let their best players go if the time and the money was right. Anelka, Overmars, Petit, Vieira, Henry etc are all examples of that under AW. Indeed, we got a decent transfer fee for an old Ian Wright from West Ham. Players like Bergkamp are the exception, not the rule.

Secondly, we had very few players, if any, of this calibre pre AW. Older Gooners might fondly remember Anders Limpar or Rocky playing in their pomp, but probably only Tony Adams, Martin Keown and Liam Brady can genuinely claim to have been world class players since 1980 in an Arsenal shirt before AW. So when Ian Wright talks about the good old days, he most mostly playing with average players, with the odd exception. Its hardly amazing that Real Madrid didn't want to sign David Hillier or Eddie Mcgoldrick.

Lastly, I agree with 1979 100% that invoking the memory of Rocky to justify this trash is utterly appalling behaviour.

If Ian Wright is still a legend, then he has behaved like a total arsehole.

K man said...

Well said Ted.

I remember Wrighty as a great striker who played his heart out for the ARsenal shirt. No he's not the brightest but I do think he is hurting, lke other Arsenal fans (including me), about the way every summer we seem to fighting off losing our best players. So we kept Fabregas this summer, but the time will come when Real or Barca make us an offer we can;t refuse.

Are we honestly really excited about seeing Mr Bischoff run out for the first time in a couple of months? Thought not.

Arsene does an amazing job but I do feel like he has one hand tied behind his back. If we win the title this season I don't think it would be an understatement to say that it would be his greatest achievement.

Obsinho said...

Wright is entitled to his views, and they are views shared by a number of people on other blogs.

However, he is writing in a tabloid that needs to sell to make money, and his content and style need to be quite contentious to generate sales and web hits.

So if you break down his article;
-Arsenal crisis? check
-Boardroom politics? check
-Quote unsupported chat about the proverbial "transfer kitty"? check
-Write off title chances? check#

It's just a stock article. Not too different to the guff McCLintock spouts every saturday, nor the cack that Smudger comes out with whenever he commentates.

But there is no need to mention Rocky. I'd imagine Wrighty has seen Rocky's name in the "Legends" advertising and is now jealous he is not included in that same revered club. Nor was he top 3 on the Greatest Arsenal players list.

Players aren't required to show the Wenger unflicning loyalty, but they should be expected to show more respect to their colleagues and club that gave them so much than to now use them to generate more cash.

1979gooner said...

Sensible stuff from Ted and Obsinho.

It's rather sad that so many people read and taken the Sun so seriously, a sad indictment really.

I loved Ian Wright as a footballer, he was like a small child at times and said some silly things, but he did give 100% and gave us some great service.

However as many people have pointed out, even when in his prime at Arsenal, he did some very silly things and was not the angle that some remember him as.

Also it was only really when Anelka came in for Wright that we challenged for the league, Wright was never a great team player and since he has left the club has gone from strength to strenth.

I also don't think people should be excused for putting their names to rubbish in the tabloids, just because that's the way things work and it's easy money.

If people are going to put their names to articles then they should be very careful about what they write, and if they cause offence they should apologise and admit their errors.

I know several other ex-Arsenal players have sold out, but this doesn't excuse selling out. For example Alan Smith is a disgrace for some of the things he comes out with on Sky and in the media.

A lot of players will let us down a la Wright, I am not surprised, I just reserve the right to point it out and mock them. We should also be very gratful for the real loyal legends when they come along, such as Mr Gilberto Silva for example.