Thursday 24 July 2008

Sweaty summer drags on

It's probably best to try to take one's mind away from football in the close season, it's definitely good for one's sanity to have a bit of a break from being a stress filled supporter while nothing is happening, that's why I've been sunning myself away from my computer for the last few days. I did rather enjoy the voyage back to the summer of 1995, courtesy of Ted; I can't quite believe that so many years have passed since that summer, I must be getting nearer achieving geriatric status.

I had a peek at the highlights of the pre season games, not a surprise to hear that they weren't breathtaking spectacles, they very rarely are. They are just about gathering fitness before the real business starts, whilst hopefully avoiding any serious injuries. There have been glimpses of a few of our younger players, with a few shining, however judging players on pre season games is never a good idea, I seem to recall a certain Chris Armstrong scoring a fair few one July and we all know what happened to him after his 'great' pre season.

Emmnuel Adebayor is still an Arsenal player, and we all know what he's been up to this summer. If you feel, as I do, that Emmanuel should make a formal apology to his team mates, fans and Arsenal football club then please email me at to add your name to the letter, we're almost at 100 names so far.

One thing that has been particularly notable this summer has been the disgraceful behaviour of certain clubs on the transfer front. Real have been at it as always trying to tap up Ronaldo, the hypocritical Manu have been up to their old tricks with Berbatov, while Liverpool's conduct regarding Gareth Barry has been quite shocking, I also feel that AC Milan and Barca deserve a special mention for being equally annoying little jockstraps.

As Arseblogger says, Arsene is quite right to have a go at these scummy reprobates, I hope Arsenal FC never sinks to that level. Don't lose too much sleep over the pre season games coming up, get out there and enjoy the sun while it's here, it won't last forever.


Ted said...

Are K Man and Obsinho on holiday? I don't have anything to rant about without their doom mongering....

1979gooner said...

indeed. where are they? obsinho may have been crushed by the sky as it fell in?

Ted said...

maybe they on holiday together. wearing skinny little shorts like Ronaldo..

Obsinho said...

I've got bored of Doom - it achieves less than nothing.

You try to think a little bit of doom might make Arsene come out with something sensible, like signing the midfielder he says he wants, but instead it makes the Daily Mail write some filthy shit-stinking lies about Rel Madrid and turn into it a "crisis" story. Which in turn makes more doom.

It's worse than crack this doom.

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