Sunday 27 July 2008

Nightmare defeat

I woke up sweating rather profusely in the early hours of the morning today, and it wasn't solely down to the rather interesting and tasty combination of alcoholic drinks that had passed my lips the previous evening, I had a rather scary dream that we lost 1-0 to Liverpool.

We dominated the early exchanges and RVP scored an absolute pearler on the half volley from the edge of the box, and for some reason only known to the ref it was disallowed, nil nil it stayed til half time. Then in the second half Torres was dribbling in the box, no one was within touching distance, and he went over in typically theatrical fashion, penalty to Liverpool. Torres fudged it in, I felt immense rage, and it finished 1-0 to the scousers, despite a late barrage from ourselves.

The season is getting closer, that feeling of losing is not a pleasant one, that vivid nightmare reminded me of that. There were so many painful moments towards the end of last season that it's hard to pick out just one pivotal moment, personally the defeat to Birmingham containing Eduardo's awful injury and two appalling refereeing errors was the key moment for me. It's so much easier to take a defeat when it is deserved, but when it is undeserved and simply down to powers outside of one's own control, that makes it so much more frustrating.

I just hope and pray that Lady Luck is on our side this season, this in combination with one or two movements on the transfer front could work out quite nicely for us. If the likes of Eduardo and RVP can stay fit, if our new talents can gel quickly, then you never know. Just remember that Emmanuel Petit was once a defender, Toure a winger and Eboue once scored a goal. Strange things can happen.


Anonymous said...

yeah i dream every night that eboue is sold to spurs for 20 million

Anonymous said...

i pray every night for eboue to be sold to spurs for 20 million

Anonymous said...

Let's not get too heated up about the game against Burgenland. Some first team men, will play, and judging too much by their display might decrease our optimism.This is just one game to sharpen our squad, before the main exercises ahead. We shouldn't make too much out of it.

video highlights available at

1979gooner said...

know, I agree,

one can't even read much into the bigger pre season games, let alone the small ones,

however as football becomes more and more over hyped and sensationalised by the media, they try to read more and more into things of very little meaning...