Friday 1 August 2008

Things will never be quite the same

So much noise has come out of the Adebayor camp this summer, it's hard to believe that there hasn't been so much smoke without even a small fire, however it appears that the fire has been extinguished for the moment as the player has announced on Arsenal TV that he is set to sign a new four year contract at the club. One wonders if this is the very same Adebayor that was labelled as being 'greedy and deluded' not that long ago.

I watched the interview in full, Adebayor stated that he had no idea where the quotes cam from and that he never said to anybody 'that he would leave the club'. There were certainly a lot of quotes in the papers, Stephane Courbis and Vincenzo Morabito are both Adebayor's agent if you believe all you read! At best Adebayor has unethically angled for a pay rise by dropping lots if hints in the media, at worst he wanted to leave and found that no club could stump up the cash to buy him, personally I feel he didn't want to leave but was just angling for more money.

Adebayor's behaviour has certainly been cunning, however as an Arsenal fan I won't be able to cheer on Adebayor with the same passion. Even though he may not have genuinely wanted to leave, the fact is that he has disrespected Arsenal fans by engineering a pay rise in such a manner. Maybe that's the way football is these days, I just wish he'd gone about his business is a more respectful manner behind closed doors. I still wouldn't be surprised to see Adebayor on his way out in the next year or two, unless he plays like a donkey, in which case I'm sure he'll be keen to see out his contract.

Elsewhere Arsene must overcome the tactical genius of Steve Mclaren as Arsenal take on a relatively tough fixture against FC Twente in CL qualifying, Rigobert Song has been in action for Cameroon in a defensive central midfield role, a young Arsenal side gained another pre season victory with Nacer Barazite on the score sheet yet again, while Arsene hinted that there may well be one more signing in the pipeline. I'm looking forward to a weekend off and getting a few hints about Arsene's master plan for next season from events at the Emirates.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I did want him to leave and be replaced after his attitude, but at the end of the day as supporters the best thing we can do for the club is now support him like the rest of the team. He is staying and that is that. I would really ask supporters at the games to get behind him, and if there are any fans that were thinking of booing or singing derogatory songs (not that I can blame you that much) please for the sake of the club don't - he has always been a confidence player as it is and since he will be wearing red and white the last thing we need is to knock his confidence and hinder the teams chances

1979gooner said...

I agree. I would never boo or abuse a current Arsenal player.

Having said that, I won't be able to get behind him as I used to.

Anonymous said...

I wanted him to go, I still do. I would be tempted to boo and jeer him but as anon rightly points out, he is a confidence player and needs people behind him cheering. I will meet him in the middle, I won't boo him but I certainly won't cheer him on. I really hope his new contract is no more than £60,000 a week because simply he's not worth anymore. It won't surprise me if he has a stinker of a season, as it won't surprise me if in a year to 18 month's time he starts making moves like this again. Ergh I'm really angry at this news, he's a disgrace and he needs to apologise before I think any better of him.

Anonymous said...

He's a prick. I wanted him gone. I still do. Why should we treat him better than Ashley Cole.

timmy the gunner said...

I agree with what everyone is saying. And as a arsenal fan it has really been frustrating to see what Ade has been up to all summer. He said on the interview that he was on holiday and that his phone was off?? yeah right!
You could tell he was not telling the truth and like mentioned in the article "there is no smoke without fire." I do understand that he wanted a payrise, i mean who doesn't want a payrise? But this could have been handled in a much more proffesional way and not the way he has handled it. There are players like RVP, Clichy etc whom are never even heard off in the papers. When cesc goes out and says that "i do not know where i will play a few yeard from now" that gives the incentives for articles of this manner to be made in the first place. When we first signed Ade i was shocked but also happy, since back then we did want a physical presence up front. I never thought that he would become the player he is today. He works hard, he is seldom injured and he does score goals. He needs alot of praise for that, let's not forget. All strikers miss chances and it is not easy to score on every chance you are given, unless you are Eduardo. But let's not let this ruin the beginning of our season, all the talk left and right Adebayor is one of the best 10 strikers in Europe and he will only get better in my point of view. I will never ever boo a Arsenal player, and everyone can make mistakes and maybe Ade's mistake was to let this situation get out of hand. So let's try to forgive him and get behind him!!

ps! Nasri is the real deal, and Alex "ice cream truck" Hleb will be forgotten by christmas.


Obsinho said...

I never saw the interviews on the days when Adebayor gave a press conference - i think for Addidas - and said he was staying, and then a few hours later quotes came from him (not sure if televised) when he said something like "unless Arsenal meet my demands I am off". Were both of these televised? I'd guess Ade is not that stupid.

Either way, don't boo him as it effects everyone else on the pitch. And who knows what Billy would go and do then.

1979gooner said...

I just hope he gets back to being the old Adebayor of early last season on the pitch.

He seemed to get slightly lazy and somewhat petulant at the end of last season. His ego seemed expand rapidly and he acted like Henry in his laters years, scowling at team maters when a pass went astray.

As obsinho says we should certainly not ever boo an Arsenal player, but it will be hard to support him as we have done thus far.

His days must be numbered now, two years max left at the club.

1979gooner said...

spot on as always.

Obsinho said...

I have seen from elsewhere (unsubstantiated by me) that the "Pay me or i go" comments were made on a tv interview which Sky did show.

I haven't seen it, and if it did exist then I am sure Sky would be showing it now.

If true, however, then Ade is a fool. And Arseblogger is right.

We don't have much choice but to support him. But this season, Wenger can and should drop him if he's not playing well. Nicky B, RVP, Vela, Theo and soon Eddie are all good enough. And hopefully fit enough.