Wednesday 20 August 2008

An extra parking space?

The rumour that Mikael Silvestre is set to join us is fast gathering pace, and it's certainly a signing that has the potential to divide Gooner opinion. Silvestre has undoubtedly been a top defender for Manu, however a rather unfortunate run of injuries has seen him play very few first team games in the past couple of seasons, obviously Vidic's form has also been rather significant.

We've been linked to countless players this summer, plus Arsene has stated that he intends to bring in some more depth to the squad, while Silvestre is a very Arsene Wenger type signing. He doesn't like to pay huge amounts for the well known players on form, he likes to take a bit of a gamble on young players or those who have injury setbacks, remember Marc 'stumpy' Overmars whose cruciate injury had resulted in many writing his career off prematurely.

Personally I'm not sure about Silvestre, but that's partly down to not having the inside information about his actual fitness that I am sure Arsene must be privy to. If he is fully fit and if he still has some zip left in his old legs, then he may be a very astute purchase, given that he adds an old head as well as someone who can play at both centre and left back.

Alex Song is returning from the Olympics after some more outstanding performances, and if Silvestre signs, surely it is he who will be slotted into the defensive central midfield slot. Barazite, Nordtvelt, Traore and Gibbs are all off out on loan; so we certainly could do with some cover for Clichy. In this context the Silvestre signing does appear to make some sense.

He's also never been one of the Manu players that I've genuinely disliked, he's a pretty inoffensive and quiet chap on the pitch, apart from the odd head butt, unlike say a Gary 'Hitler moustache' Neville. Silvestre also comes with a hidden asset, that is his rather gaping and persistently open mouth. Not only can he scare strikers away by not brushing his teeth for several days, but as his connective tissues slacken with old age, his mouth can be used for a subtle ball carrying vehicle; all it will need is an accurate chip from Cesc and then Mikael can smuggle the ball over the goal line in one of the potentially most cunning set pieces ever.


Si said...

Silvestre would be a good signing as far as I'm concerned. The fact that he can play at full back and centre half is a bonus. I'm sure we would use him as a centre half, our captain is also injury prone (like Silvestre)and mad as a hatter and Toure, as much as I love the fella is not the player he was since the African Cup of Nations where his confidence was shot to bits due to some major fuck ups.We need a player like Silvestre at his peak and a level head - but I can't believe that red nose would let a Manure player go to any of the other top four clubs...especially us.

Anonymous said...

'silvestre adds much needed depth' - AW. no shit, keep them coming.

Obsinho said...

It's a bullshit signing. Ferige would not let a good player join one of his rivals - either he's past it or Fergie doesn't rate us. I couldn't care less if it is the latter, but if w have signed yet another sicknote then I am fed up.

We need world class players to lift the young players we have to the next level. SIlvestre for all his undoubted experience is not that player.

Wenger either signs another quality player or my mood sinks further into the blue.

Obsinho said...

And why has AW let Barazite go on loan (albeit for a few months) and kept Randall.

One is strong, skillful and with an eye for goal would be a great option from the bench. The other is small, weak and with a terrible temperament and haircut. Which one did we keep?

Maybe AW's judgement is starting to worsen quicker than we feared.

Ted said...

Can't believe that Silvestre is not a bad signing. He costs virtually nothing.

However, he has got the no. 18 shirt. That number should have been retired in honour of St Grimandi. Silvestre has a lot to live up to.

I also see that Silvestre got a two year deal. We lost Pires because AW would not give him a 2 year deal. Now that pisses me off.

Obsinho said...

Maybe AW has changed his plan on the 2 year deal. Too little too late i'd say - we lost Booby and Berto as a result.

The signing as an addition to the squad makes sense, but only if;
- Djourou stays in the first 18 (there are 7 subs now?) all season
- we sign another central midfielder
- Wenger decides what Toure and EBoue do. We cannot have two "utility players", especially when one of them is clearly so talented. I mean EBoue and Toure.

Ted said...

Sagna-Gallas-Silvestre-Clichy along the back?

Could be the new Maginot line. Unfortunately, the Germans just went round it.

I am tipping Kolo to remain first choice and Fish-Face to step in when required.

K man said...

I'm putting Obsinho and Ted on immediate suicide watch.

I have to say that desite 1979's attempts to lift the mood I can't say I'm particularly thrilled by Silvestre - Fergie clearly wasn't fussed about him so why should we be?

If that's the end of the signings then there is a lot pressure on Fabregas and Denilson to forge a good partnership in central mid.

Interestingly Alonso scored a couple of crackers for Spain last night...

Obsinho said...

RvP scored a belter for Holland as well - trade mark cultured left foot from the edge of the box to top left.

If he stays fit, he will be awesome.

I won't kill myself yet - I won't die happy till I have seen Song-Billong lift the Champions' League trophy for the Arsenal and get European player of the season.

And get voted in as God.

Ted said...

I'm actually beginning to think that signing Alonso might not be a bad idea.

WHACK.... Oww.

The spirit if St Grimandi just reminded me what a cretin Alonso is. Back to normal now. Fuck off Alonso.

Obsinho said...

So if Traore goes out on loan, then Mikael came in as defensive cover.

He is better than Traor at the moment, and probably less likely to balls up. Although United fans may not agree.

Hopefully this means AW still thinks we are a man short in the middle of the park. Another signing still to come?