Thursday 14 August 2008

Letter to Ade and more

A great result last night, even if the performance was not particularly convincing and some rather interesting post match comment. Given that we had seven first teamers out, I think some of our strength in depth was demonstrated, after all if Man U had seven out I wonder how strong their line up would be? Another one of our squad players, Justin Hoyte, looks set to join Boro for about 3.5 million, not a bad piece of business. Click on the McLaren photo to listen to his great new dutch accent, what a chump.

There's certainly a weakness in the centre of midfield which Arsene seems certain to remedy. It was certainly a match with significant consequences though, as failing to reach the Champions League could have dire consequences in the current financial climate. The loss of Cesc was only the tip of the iceberg, Twente lead by McLaren exploited a long standing Arsenal weakness, that being that we get a bit rattled when a team packs their midfield with five men and presses in a very committed fashion. Even Cesc and Diaby would have struggled in this context, so all in all I don't think Ramsey and Denilson did that badly.

I have now sent the following letter to Emmanuel Adebayor, in the end it was signed by around 100 gooners. I doubt he'll respond but I shall certainly keep you informed of any updates on this.

"Dear Emmanuel,

I am writing on behalf of myself, a loyal Arsenal supporter and the other loyal Arsenal supporters named at the end of this letter. We would very much appreciate it if you could take the time to read this letter and reply in person.

We have been very disappointed by you and your agent's behaviour this summer. We appreciate that you had a good season for us last year, but you are under contract to Arsenal and should have shown more respect to your contract. You could have gone about gaining a pay rise in a more respectful and professional manner by speaking directly to the club and not by leaking quotes and stories to the media.

We are happy to forgive and forget your behaviour on one condition, that condition being that you issue a formal apology to the club, your fellow Arsenal players and the fans for your behaviour this summer. If you do not apologise then I will not jeer or boo you, however I will not be able to support with the same passion that I once did having observed your behaviour this summer,

Yours sincerely"


Anonymous said...

What a sappy letter.

He's at the club this season. He's staying. Just let him play and support him. The off-season summer drams is over and has been for nearly a month now. Get over it.

You have too much time on your hands if all you can do is come up with pathetic drivel like that.

Who are you to ask Adebayor to do anything or place conditions on him so that you will consent to support with passion.

You're a goose.

Anonymous said...

I'm in full support of the letter, Ade is a fool 4 taking arsenal for a ride by threatening and even comparing himself with the arsenal greatest player.
we need an apology from him.
i'll always believe that Bendthner would have better than him last season if given the same playing time.

Anonymous said...

as far as im concerned its silly twatty letters lyk dis, dat destabilize footballers u nd whoeva signed dat letta rnt true gunnaz, wat have eva done for arsenal dat makes u feel lyk u r da director of sports at de emirates, he scored goals 4 arsenal wat have u done 2 officially stake ur claim as a gunner nofin but dis rubbish and underground cheap ass blog, u r da 1 who aught 2 b apologizin, bein a supporter is about bein part of a family, nd bein part of a family is about learnin 2 forgive....

1979gooner said...

sappy? I think not.

The point of the letter is to give Adebayor a chance to apologise for his behaviour.

I can tell you that a lot of Arsenal fans would have a lot of respect for him if he were to be big enough to apologise.

If anonymous 3 had tried to write a letter I think it would only be she/he that would understand it.

If you're going to just leave petty insults as comments, then don't bother, come back when you've learnt to articulate your opinion in a less infantile manner.

Anonymous said...

Now Adebyor says Arsenal have to be dirty to win. That will be a very big pain on Arsenal if they loose as they will, because that is not the Arsenal way.
Adebayor have noting to do with Arsenal. He is just thinking for him self all the time. Send him to Milan with a new pocket.

Anonymous said...

As much as i agree with the sentiments of your letter, its like telling Tesco's you dont much like the way their baked beans taste. They still make money from said beans, and you might even get a book full of vouchers off them - but you can be sure it was all dealt with by a 17 year old office temp!
Ade knows knobody has been impressed with his holiday antics, as he's been booed almost everytime he's been infront of the fans so far this season.
I'd rather have his appology on the pitch, if i'm honest. Actions speak much louder than summer tabloids!
Com on Arsenal, and yes Ade too!!