Saturday 30 August 2008

Black and white convicts dispatched

What a contrast to last Saturday's efforts or lack of them, a performance full of drive and motivation saw us overcome Newcastle comfortably 3-0. It could have been eight or nine, had our finishing been slightly more clinical; the most comforting thing was the increase in tempo and the way in which everyone worked hard off the ball, pressing and harrying the opposition at every opportunity. I'll try not to mention Rob Styles, he's just a brainless cretin.

Our first came from the spot, a clever piece of trickery from Ade saw him create space for a cross which N'Zogbia raised an arm towards, RVP dispatched the penalty. For the handball it was more a penalty than not, however in the context of Coloccini's clear foul from behind on RVP in the third minute that Styles missed, it definitely seemed fair enough. Eboue was looking lively and was strangely cunning in possession, while Denilson looked so much more comfortable with Cesc back in the mix. Nasri adds so much more than Hleb ever did, his directness and ability to go both ways, make him a great addition to the team. RVP and Ade's work rates were up on a week ago, you need everyone at the races week in week out.

The second came after some fantastic dribbling and then a great one two led by Emmanuel Eboue, we then teed up RVP with a perfectly weighted backheel, RVP couldn't miss and didn't. To be fair to the northerners, they had two decent chances, one scuffed by Owen and the other cleared by the crossbar. However to pretend Newcastle deserved anything out of this game would be foolish and something only done by rather inebriated geordies. Several cracking chances went begging in the second half, but a third was added by the deserving Denilson after some sterling unselfish setup play from Ade.

Despite constantly fouling us in a rather cynical fashion, Newcastle couldn't stop us, however that didn't stop them bringing on the half brained halfwit Joey Barton on for the final few minutes. He was greeted by a chorus of boos and did plenty to justify this vociferous reception. His appalling studs up lunge on Nasri was a disgrace and could easily have been a red card, had Styles not been a brainless cretin, deciding it was not even a foul.

The cheeky Nasri then innocuously clipped Barton's heel, and after much appealing from the horrendously ugly Nicky Butt (a man whose face even his mother cannot bear to look at apparently), Styles produced a yellow for Nasri, that's justice in the Premiership for you. Keegan's pathetic over reaction did him no favours after the final whistle, he should have a very hard look at the scum that his club employ before seeking to criticise the most minor of indiscretions in such a manner.

Today we saw a team performance and that was the deciding factor, there was more precision and less delaying in the final third as well, while Newcastle were not allowed to relax in possession for a second. This was not far off the same Newcastle side that fought for a deserved draw at Old Trafford a couple of weeks back. The defence and the lack of strength in depth in midfield are still areas of concern for me if we are to challenge on all fronts, however I never doubted the massive amount of talent in the players that we already had at the club. I think Emmanuel Eboue could become a rather popular figure if he continues to put in performances like he did today on a regular basis, well done Mr Eboue.


Anonymous said...

A member of the crowd caught my eye today.... We need a midfeilder to bulk up the squad.. Central defensive midfeilder.. one who understand the premiership... one who has experience... one who can win ... who can inspire... why not Patrick Viera.......

Anonymous said...

I like Newcastle as a team. I think that having Barton come back to the team is a poison and it was certainly shown in the few minutes he appeared today.
Comment from Kevin Keegan after today's game:
"Joey came on, got a good tackle in on Nasri. Then the guy sliced him down. That’s what happened and that’s what I saw, which is what I was upset about,”
You may want to take a closer look at the replay Mr Keegan before shooting off your mouth.
It wasn't a wise idea chatting with our players (Gallas/Nasri)
regarding this incident.
The best thing you can do for your club is to get rid of this player as I can't see him getting much respect from your supporters & players. His attitude stung before and still stinks after todays performance.

1979gooner said...

I completely agree. Barton is a very nasty piece of work and is clearly a bad influence on whichever set of players he is part of.

Keegan should indeed have another look at the footage, he would then see the malice in Barton's challenge and Barton's smile which could be translated into 'I'm a nasty bastard and I tried to do you there Nasri'.

Barton should have been sacked.

Anonymous said...

patrick viera isn't a defensive midfielder, never has been never will

Obsinho said...

1979, you say it's not worth mentioning Stiles but i think it is.

His decisions making was appalling yesterday - the Van Persie penalty, Nicky Butt's existence, the lack of any yellow cards for any of the filthy tackles from the Geordies.

He then bowed to the ass-faced complaints of Butt (I thought the RESPECT campaign meant only the Captain to talk to the ref - please tell me Micky Butt is not their captain) when Nasri clipped Barton having been given an example of prison shower etiquette by that despicable piece of smegma.

It had no influence on the game, but it pisses me off players and fans are supposed to respect the referees when so many of them are plainly incompetent.

1979gooner said...

obs, i agree, you're spot on-

for once arseblogger is miles off by claiming Barton's tackle was 'fair', it most certainly was not,

he want in with malice, with studs up and with a pretty straight leg, that's a foul whether the ball is won or not,

i am rather perplexed at how stupid some experts are, winning the ball does not make a tackle fair, if it is dangerous it's a foul, irrespective of whether the ball is won or not,

some people need to educate themselves as to the rules of the game, especially the refs

as you say it's ridiculous that nasri gets a yellow for such a minor clip, while the likes of Butt and Barton got away with their malicious filth

Si said...

We played well, and as 1979Gooner stated, this was against a side that got a draw against Manure, give or take a couple of changes.
Very encouraging, and begrudgingly I accept that Eboue had a good game.
The scum getting a draw against Chelksi is a result too. Looks like that initial slip up at Fulham may not be as decisive as first feared.
A good draw in the league cup I thought. A tough test for the young'uns against the blades, if they come through that with a win it'll show our mettle on all fronts.