Monday 18 August 2008

Sorry Piers but you're a c***

There are some people I respect, some people I don't, and then there are some who are even lower than the latter group, as they fit into the subhuman beneath contempt category. Moving on, Piers Morgan writes in the Daily Wail about Arsenal's chances this season:

"My name is Piers. I'm an Arsenal season-ticket holder and I'm officially depressed. What the hell is happening to my club?"

Well done Piers, you got your name right, that's a start at least. So you're depressed? Well that doesn't bother me, I can't really feel empathy towards someone who has so callously destroyed so many lives in his own psychopathic pursuit of fame and riches. Also Arsenal is not 'your' club, you are but one supporter of a football club that is not actually owned by the fans.

"I watched us struggling to beat the staggeringly ordinary FC Twente on Wednesday night and felt so frustrated I nearly switched over to Big Brother."

I always had you down as a Big Brother viewer, it's about your level isn't it really? I know you went to a rather low quality school in the North London ghetto, so that's probably why you felt the need to sell your soul to Mr Murdoch at such a young age. Even the Big Brother contestants do not have quite as gaping a chasm present where their soul should reside.

There is strangely a small amount of sense in your piece, however this sense is lost amongst the arrogant self copulating drivel that you pass off as journalism. It's commonly recognised that our squad is a bit short as things currently stand, however to write off our chances before the transfer window has even closed in such disrespectful fashion is well below the belt.

Your self congratulatory tone is almost vomit inducing, while the insulting words for the young and promising Walcott are just plain unfair. I also find it rather amusing that you think that we just need an 'Ian Wright' 'no nonsense' type forward, you mean someone who contributes very little in terms of all round team play, and arguably whose injury did more to help us win the league in his only title winning season (Wright only scored 10 league goals in 24 games in 1997/8) and not forgetting his indiscipline and disruptive influence off the pitch.

Sorry Piers, but you're a c***, and no matter what you say I'd rather we were one Arsenal fan down than having to endure repulsive cretins like you supporting our club. You'd probably sell your own mother at the right price, not that anyone would be willing to pay much for someone who shared half your genetic material. I've met garden slugs with more moral fibre than yourself, your current job as a galavanting media whore has you endlessly giving your opinion on other people's lives and talents; however why would anyone take notice of the opinion of someone who is so very untalented and who is only known because he is known. As Ian Hislop said 'no one likes you'; as your writing demonstrates, there is a very good reason for this.


Anonymous said...

1979gooner what are you on?

In 1998 Ian Wright was 35 years old. FFS. In 97/98 he was injured for much of the season, which is why he gave his medal to Manninger the goal keeper.

Any critism of Walcott is justified until the under-achiever starts to work. He is amazingly average and doesn't look like improving soon.

You're right about Piers Morgan being a C--T but which Gooner aint sometimes. Ian Wright himself writes more crap about the Arsenal than Piers Morgan. Open your eyes and get your facts very straight before criticising other supporters. Oh, and the best critics of our players are those who pay to watch them.

Anonymous said...

Piers is a cunt, but its true about walcott, hes just pace with very little football where rooney was at his age...

Anonymous said...

the natives are restless, bring in a playa and raise the average age. the squad is weak here and there but we do top four with appropriate signing.

Anonymous said...

Say what you like but theres no need to disrespect Ian Wright! He's a true arsenal legend! Even more than T.Henry. Cos Wrighty would never of left Arsenal in the way he did!

Anonymous said...

Players peak at different times. Rooney may have been more impressive than Walcott at the age Walcott is but that should not take anything away from Walcott.
Walcott is getting there, he can make some fantastic assists and I was impressed that he didn't get pushed around as easy on Saturday, he was actually standing his ground a bit which was always a huge flaw of his.

Anonymous said...

There are some people I respect, some people I don't, and then there are some who are even lower than the latter group, as they fit into the subhuman beneath contempt category..
after reading it, i think, you also fit into that subhuman beneath contempt category.

1979gooner said...

Fact is whatever one thinks of Ian Wright, the team played much better without him.

Anelka coming in was a big reason for our first title under Arsene.

Ian Wright is like Michael Owen for me, great goal scorer, but limited as an all round footballer and not a team player.

Anonymous said...

this article has a very good point.

he is a cunt, his articles normally are popularist trash. he slags off walcott and theres even ppl here that agree.

clearly no1 here saw the champions league semi final or his end of season form or the west brom game where he has cearly shown his talent.

wright and loads of others write crap about arsenal, the best we can all do is to ignore them. remember last season how every1 was sure we would drop out the top 4? its all rubbish

on d gooner said...

I thought your references to Piers Morgan were a bit overboard. You did not care to choose your words appropriately. What crime has he committed other than express his views on how he felt. Are you Putin or Brezhnev or even Stalin who in their primes squashed all rebellion with unrelinquishing ease? I think people should be allowed to air their views without fear or favour as we cannot all have one view even though we all support the same club. I have always thought your opinions about our club were well balanced and rational but this last one on Piers' view does leave much to be desired. Careful now!

1979gooner said...

orangunner and others,

I feel you may wish to research a little more on Piers Morgan, if you knew a bit more about him then I don't think you'd be defending the man.

as anonymous quite rightly says:

"this article has a very good point.

he is a cunt, his articles normally are popularist trash. he slags off walcott and theres even ppl here that agree."

this is a very good point.

some of you guys are backing Morgan's slagging off of Walcott.

Theo is a young lad learning his trade, he's bound to be hot and cold, but he doesn't deserve to be slagged off is such fashion.

Morgan is an sad attention seeking individual who posseses no genuine skills or talents of his own.

He is a sad indictment on our modern celebrity driven culture.

I don't want to have to endure Morgan's egotistical diatribes, he's a c***.

Obsinho said...

The trouble with what Piers Morgan has siad is that he is in the business of selling papers. And himself.

His readership wants to read "Arsenal crisis" stories, not "Arsenal love-in" stories. So that's what he writes. What is depressing, is that he is a payed-up Gooner.

He may share views with many at the Emirates (myself not included) but they don't have a national paper to vent their opinions. As a Gooner, he should know that bad-mounthing the team in public only serves to weaken us.

Obsinho said...

Also, there is no need to lay into what Wrighty WAS in his playing days - a fully fledged legend.

He may have turned into a media-whore spouting Arsenal crisis stories to earn his living, but for fans he will be/is the guy on the pitch who banged gaols in and was a joy to watch. Reason I am a Gooner in fact.

I think you need to differentiate the two people. He is both a legend and a cunt.

Ted said...

Wow. Lots of spleen. 1979 clearly lost a few on the table yesterday. Or did an old granny puke on you?

A few thoughts.

1. 1979 - you have been a champion of free speech on many blogs. I think Piers Morgan's article is perfectly normal journalism in this day and age. Piers is a paid-up proper Gooner. What he says is not total arse. Its actually quite insightful. If you disagree, then fight him with logic not insults.

2. Obsinho is correct about Ian Wright. We all had Wrighy shirts as kids. He was and always will be an Arsenal legend. His career as a tv / journalist is a real shame, but thats the world we live in now.

3. Ultimately, there is quite a lot of sense in what Piers says. He has tapped into the popular mood and has written a decent article based on his own experiences as an Arsenal fan. I actually think its quite good, even though I don't agree with all of it. But I do agree with some of it.

4. Kolo Toure is the only Invincible left. That has really surprised me. The 2004 squad has evaporated around us. Our squad is so inexperienced. God how we need a leader on the pitch. A Vieira, Keown or Adams. Gallas' sulk against Birmingham last season is now really pissing me off. I excused him as being too French at the time, but I was just being weak. Giles Grimandi would have chinned the ref. Legend.

5. I was more depressed after the WBA match than I have been for years after an Arsenal match. I don't know when I last felt like that. I remember the last time I was properly angry (Manu away 24.10.04), but not depressed. I think the reason was, blind faith aside, I knew I was not watching a side that could win the league this year.

6. If we can get Cesc and Rosicky back, if everyone else stays fit, if one of Denilson or Song comes good, then we have a chance. But holy shit that looks like a long shot right now. Why did AW let Gilberto go? WHY WHY WHY...

Obsinho said...

I am so glad that Ted is now of the opinion that we are very light weight this season.

I have mentioned that Wenger has made the wrong gamble this summer. He has gambled on youth and financial prudence rather than gambling with the hard-earned wedge the club has at its disposal. He has played the same hand as he has for the last 3 years. Unsuccessfully.

We won't win the league this year. At what point then do past glories count for nothing.

1979gooner said...


I see your point,

however it's over ridden by the fact that Piers Morgan is a c***.

there is some sense in what he says, but frankly I don't give a monkeys what that slimey leech of human has to say.

Ted said...

What else has he done to upset you (apart from being Piers Morgan)?

I always liked reading the mirror when he was editor. Best paper for Arse news by far, but not any more.

1979gooner said...

Just dislike him. His conceited arrogant nature, his sneering, his pomposity, his smugness.

Ted said...

Piers Morgan = Xabi Alonso.

I knew it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what an over the top character assassination?

If you don't agree with him, maybe you should tell us why? What did he say that was so wrong, bar disagree with your view of the club?

Childish insults and pompous put downs are not the way to get your point across.

'Oh, and the best critics of our players are those who pay to watch them.'

Too true my friend. Am I to assume you are not among the season ticket holding ranks?

By the way, there are plenty of Gooners who own shares in the club and at heart, we are all stakeholders.

Ted said...

Hello Mr Anonymous.

1. I think 1979 has got the message that there is a Piers Morgan fan club out there.

2. The regular contributors on this blog are all season ticket holders. Me and 1979 have been for 10 years. Clock end and then Block 6 / Redaction.

3. Paying for a ticket or a share does not mean you know shit. Everyone has an equal say, but you are right about us all being stakeholders. I like that.

Anonymous said...

Ted, I am not a fan of Piers.

I didn't read the article taking his past into consideration, why would I?

I am sure plenty of football journalists have skeletons in their closets, just like plenty of bloggers probably do. It doesn't affect your love for the club though, does it? It doesn't mean your opinion is invalidated?

Paying for a season ticket does not mean you are always right, but it certainly gives you the right to an opinion.

'Everyone has an equal say'

Well said, that is the point I was trying to convey.

1979gooner said...

well said Ted,

answered it better than I could myself,

I see you disagree with my take on Piers Morgan, fine, however you're not going to make me change my mind about him, no matter how much you repeat yourself.

Piers Morgan has done plenty throughout his life to deserve the character assasination that i have given him, in my opinion.

Sometimes if I feel like giving someone a bit of abuse then I will, and in this case I feel it is justified.

1979gooner said...

ps people have a right to an opinion, whether they have a season ticket or not, whether they live in the country or not etc

Obsinho said...

I think you should change the blog to "anotherPiersMorganblog" as it seems to get more heckling that way.

The nice thing is that everyone seems to be agreeing with everything everyone is saying, apart from a difference of opinion on Piers Morgan. (who i'd guess evryone does think is a cunt but maybe doesn't think it is worth saying, and ceratinly not with as much vitriol as 1979). But we are still arguing.


Obsinho said...

At least we can agree that Eboue is the answer. To everything. Douglas Adams got it wrong.

Anonymous said...

'your current job as a galavanting media whore has you endlessly giving your opinion on other people's lives and talents'

Pot calling the kettle black?

Looking back through your posts, it seems that is something you like to do lot of in the blog world?

Piers has done well for himself, worked his way to the top of his industry and you claim he has no talent!

Making money is a talent.

Jealousy, it's a terrible thing.

Obsinho said...

FUCK PIERS MORGAN. Honestly, just lets move on from the man. I am sure he is lovely, but if anyone who has posted cares that much about him then seek help - and stop sending Piers your underwear, it's unhygienic.

Ted said...

Dear Piers. I want my underwear back. luv Ted.

Obsinho said...

I said Piers, not Pires Ted.

1979gooner said...


I'd put a bit more effort into your articles if I were you, all this time commenting here could be far better spent!

1979gooner said...

"Making money is a talent"

Well, by that logic Jade Goody is very talented too, maybe you look up to her to?

Admiring people for making money is a worrying attitude to have in my eyes, I know it's pretty popular in the dumbed down celeb style world that we live in.

I still stick to my guns, I'd rather be a pennyless tramp who had morals than an arrogant concieted scumbag like Morgan.

K man said...

Who is this Piers bloke?

Just kidding.

Ted - I hope you are recovering from your post Saturday depression.

I think the problem that some of us are having (well, me at least) is that AW's brilliance at putting together teams for next to no cash is comng under massive pressure from the spending of Man U and Chelsea. In 2004 i.e. the last time we won the league, Roman had only just started splashing his cash. Man U have since bought the likes of Rooney, Tevez, Vidic, Evra, Anderson, Nani and Hargreaves for a ton of cash. As Ted has interestingly pointed out, only Toure remains from our team of 2004. We are finding it hard to compete with this spending power and the brutal fact is that it is unlikely that we can now mount a title challenge. We can still hope though....

1979gooner said...

indeed mr k, good to hear from you,

what you say is especially true for chavski as their owner's illgotten gains mean that they can spend unsustainably, making massive yearly losses,

it's meant that we simply cannot compete in terms of wages and squad depth,

i wonder how far Roman's wealth can stretch

JackCarter said...

In 1998 Ian Wright was 35 years old. FFS. In 97/98 he was injured for much of the season, which is why he gave his medal to Manninger the goal keeper.