Wednesday 6 August 2008

Ade to get 80k per week

Further to the reports coming via Arsenal TV last Friday, as reported here at the time, the papers are carrying reports (Telegragh again) that Adebayor's new four year deal with the club is worth an eye-watering £80,000 per week., which would put him with the very top earners at the club, who are rumoured to be Cesc and Billy Gallas.
Adebayor has had a torrid summer, but he has now got the contract he wanted and it's been given to him pretty quickly too. AW and his team deserve praise for that, as if the saga had dragged on any longer then I think the good people of N5 might have declared war on the Togonator. It got pretty close to that as it was.
The onus is now on Ade to prove he is worth it. He scored an absolute bag full last season and perhaps it would be unfair to expect another 30 goal haul this time. However, if he doesn't get 20 goals this season then serious questions will be asked. My bet is that he shows this season that he is worth every penny.
Ade has some vocal critics and good for them. For me, the fact that John Terry picked Ade out as the most difficult striker to play against in the league tells you how good he is. I have absolutely no doubt that Adebayor has the ability to score the goals that will bring silverware to the Emirates next season. So there.
What I didn't like was the threats made over the summer asking the club to "match his value" or he was off. It was pretty unsavoury stuff and maybe he would have gone if Milan or Barca had stumped up the cash. Likewise, the badge kissing after he scored against Real Madrid on Sunday was vomit worthy. That said, a good start to the season and it will all be forgotten by September.
Lastly, for anyone interested in the endless no-evidence, no-quotes, no-source, rumours for Arsenal midfielders that AW is about to consider making an initial enquiry about, Miguel Veloso is back in the frame again. Apparently. Buts lets face it, the size of the frame is getting more than a bit silly, with Alonso/Barry on Monday, de la Red on Tuesday and now Veloso on Wednesday. I wonder who is next?


Obsinho said...

This is the next guy being linked;

This footage is fucking hilarious. I have never seen so many terrible fouls in a YouTube clip. This guy is a genius! Like Gilles Grimandi on steroids and having been tied up and then have Van Nistelrooy poke him in the ribs for hours.

Don't want to sign him, but I now worship him.

1979gooner said...

vomit worthy indeed.

you don't have to love all your own players, ade has a lot to prove to us fans and i hope he can do it, i think the fact that he knows many of us are pissed off with him will help motivate him, touch wood,

2-1 tonight, reserve side effectively, just wonder which players will be in the first team squad in a few weeks time,

walcott will be, wilshere has made a strong case, vela will be i suspect and djorou possibly

Anonymous said...

80k? I wont even consider 60 for him.

Obsinho said...

Genuinely shocking news.....Diaby is injured.

My god, his fitness is normally so good. I would have at least expected two maybe two and a half friendly appearances from him before his mighty glass body shattered again.

NOT GOOD ENOUGH. If we do get injuries and resort to having to play Rambo in the middle with Frimpong on the bench, then I won't take Wenger's "unlucky with injuries" this season.