Friday 4 July 2008

Tennis takes centre stage as spin begins

While it may be rather riveting for some to endlessly scour the media for fascinating transfer rumours, I'd prefer to put my feet up, watch a bit of Wimbledon and wait for something a bit more concrete to write about. If one gossips too much then one never knows what might happen, one might even start linking Arsenal with large German traffic cones like Per Mertesacker, for that reason I'd advise avoiding the temptation to have a go at being the pretend Arsenal manager for the summer.

If Rafael Nadal were a footballer he would be one of the best to have ever played the game, his awesome athleticism and brilliant technique are really pretty special, Andy Murray is no mean player himself, but he was simply blown away by the Nadal tornado. The final promises to be a tight encounter as the improving Nadal takes on the mighty Federer, whether it will be as close as last year remains to be seen, I just fancy Nadal to do it this time round, he has been getting closer and closer and closer.

Some quarters of the media have not hesitated to distort Arsene Wenger's words, yet again, twisting his hinting at improvements and domination next season to mean something that is rather arrogant and deluded. Arsene correctly points out that we 'want' to improve and that 'if' we improve our performances, thus bettering last season's points tally, we could well be the dominant team in England, not unreasonable really. The manipulation of Wenger's words is deeply dishonest as Arsene is labelled 'giddy' in the process and his posing of the hypothetical is taking as a claim that Arsenal 'will' be the dominant force in English football. It shows how the media works these days, it is more profitable to sensationalise the reasonable than to report the facts accurately, that's progress for you again.

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