Thursday 10 April 2008

Nail on head Mr Palmer

I am admittedly an opinionated git, but I do try to be as fair and admit when people have got things right, and in this case Myles Palmer has hit the nail on the head, speaking of the Babel penalty:

"Babel cut across Toure, looking for contact.When there was no contact, other than Fabregas grabbing his hand just outside the box, Babel swung his right arm round to hit Toure on the neck, then twisted his body through 180 degrees so that his left arm went round Toure's body on the other side, then went down - and 40,000 scousers shouted "Penalty!" It was a Kop penalty, just likes scores of other Kop penalties over the years."

I too, have watched the Babel incident again, and Myles Palmer is spot on. Babel throws his right arm backwards and then his left arm backwards to hit Toure. When one is sprinting it is most unusual and unnatural to move one's arms backwards in this manner. Babel played for the penalty, instead of steaming ahead and going for the ball, he slowed down and played for the contact, he had seen that Gallas had his run cut off.

The movements of his arms give it away, they are just so unnatural, that's not how one moves when sprinting full steam ahead for the ball. It just goes to show how very skillful players are these days at conning referees, one can't blame the referee, it only becomes obvious upon detailed repeated analysis of the footage. The Argentinians would be proud.


Anonymous said...

heard u got kicked off of le-grove - u must be doing something rite, keep up the good work,.

i see it starting on other blogs wright7 get some left on his(ask not 2 which is perfectly accptable)
but also on others

Ted said...

Talking of Argentina, I still remember Michael Owen's dive against them in 2002. Oh, silly me, English players don't dive.

1979gooner said...

The argentinians are quite proud of their gamesmanship though, something I hope we never aspire to.

The English players don't dive, Lampard, Owen, Gerrard, Rooney et al are all highly ethical and educated men of the world.

Anonymous said...

a cunt is a cunt is a cunt. Ryan Babel is of the Scouse-Dutch variety and the ref ate it up. if not for that, we go through.

mad.redo1 said...

we should forward the penalty incident for an Oscar nomination then... the performance should make him the favourite to win it.