Friday 4 April 2008

Money, money, money

This fascinating list of the world's most highly paid footballers certainly makes for some interesting reading. It certainly puts into context the genius of Arsene Wenger when it comes to outcompeting clubs that spend a hell of a lot more money than Arsenal do.

For example Liverpool's Fernando Torres cost 26 million pounds, which is roughly the same as the entire cost of the Arsenal starting eleven that played against Liverpool in the Champions League. Arsenal only have one player (Gallas) in the top seventy five, while Liverpool have six, Chelsea a whopping ten and Manchester United eight.

This excellent resource shows the net spending of all the big Premiership clubs since 1992 when the branding took place, Arsenal have only spent a net of 55 million (212 out vs 157 in). This compares amazingly favourably to the other big clubs, Chelsea lead the way with a staggering 341 million net outlay, next come Liverpool with 179 million, Manchester United with 160, Newcastle with 142 and Tottenham with 117.

It puts our success into context somewhat, it also provides interesting food for thought regarding any potential summer signings. It is rather unlikely that Arsene would want to bring in anyone who earns more than Mr Gallas, so if any of the big earners sitting above Billy are linked then it will most likely be low quality bullshit.

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