Sunday 20 April 2008

Back in town

We proved far too strong for Reading, indeed a 2-0 scoreline was rather flattering to Reading, as a combination of woodwork, good goalkeeping and luck kept the score down.

It was particularly fitting that Emmanuel Adebayor scored such a fine goal combining a great first touch and a calm accurate finish, as he has come in for more abuse from fickle idiots than anyone else. It was good to see Gilberto get on the score sheet, what a model professional the man has been this season.

Song put in another encouraging display at centre back, and Theo is now consistently showing why Arsene shelled out so many millions on his unproven talent. Van Persie's increasing fitness and sharpness is icing on the cake, I just hope he doesn't get injured in the European Championships this summer and that he can stay fit for the whole of next season.

The title is just about a mathematical possibility, although only the ultra religious would believe that it is still practically possible. It's good to see the boys answer their fickle doubters, it's also rather amusing how some people change their tune from one week to the next. Suddenly players who were written off as useless are the best thing since sliced bread, funny how things change isn't it!

I also found it interesting that in the Boro Bolton game a penalty was not given when a ball was hit into a player's lower arm, an arm which was held vertically at the player's side just as William Gallas' had been at Old Trafford last weekend. Funny how some people change their minds on this kind of decision week in week out, and their opinion will invariably depend on which team they favour, funny that.


K man said...

Really good performance against Reading.

Despite Ade's good touch and calm finish for his goal I still think he needs to work on his first touch over the summer - its a lot worse than the rest of the boys.

Gilberto was excellent and deserved his goal. Fabregas and RVP were a class above the rest and showed us just how good a team we could be if they could stay fit for a whole season. If RVP can do a 40 game season he will bag 15-20 goals and take the pressure off Ade and Fabregas.

A word too for the much maligned Eboue. He was excellent at right back when he came on and looked much more comfortable. With Hoyte looking out of his depth I think we should make Eboue Sagna's deputy next season.

Theo played well and was menacing throughout.

If this was Jens's last home game then he desrves a fond farewll. Depsite his harsh recent words and strange antics, he has been the best goalkeeper we have had since Seaman and has been opne of the most entertaining keepers the Premiership has seen.

And I'm sure obsinho would agree that Song was absolutely 'lovely'....

Obsinho said...

I did think Song's performance was "lovely" - he wanted the ball, carried it forward confiently, and his positioning was ok. He's an asset to the squad certainly, and I'd like to see some more performances from him.

Thing is though, K-man, that Song's physique isn't as "impressive" as Djourou's........

Ted said...

Or mine.