Wednesday 12 March 2008

A rather slow week

It's not that I have no life outside of following the mighty Arsenal, but weeks with no action like this do pass that little bit more slowly than the action packed ones. Liverpool made it through to the quarter finals last night, completing the English quartet, and raising the odds of Arsenal drawing an English club to almost one in two.

Alexandre Song, a sometimes maligned and frequently forgotten player, has certainly made some progress this year. I wonder whether he'll be converted into a centre back in the long term, remember his dominant performances at that position in the Carling Cup this season. Young Guns has an interesting view on his development.

Psycho has quite rightly backed Theo Walcott's development at Arsenal, adding further weight against views of the mentally challenged David Bentley who seems intent on having digs at his former club whenever he is interviewed. There are some interesting rumour regarding a talented young Brazilian forward by the name of Dentinho, I regard these as bullshit until proven otherwise.

Is this our kit for next season? If it is, I won't feel the need to buy it, I'd rather spend money going to games than on club merchandise. It seems that many respected voices in the world of football, strangely from outside the UK, have spoken out calling for more severe punishment for Martin Taylor, Dunga is the latest in the line.

Finally on a rather more serious note, I have to agree with this the sentiments expressed in this rather worrying piece by the Online Gooner which talks of some appalling behaviour by gooners in Milan. It provides yet more evidence of how one should never become complacent about racism, as it will then rear its ugly head when one least expects it.

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