Tuesday 25 March 2008

The ignorant start hacking

It is entirely predictable following the 2-1 defeat to Chelsea that some rather ill informed rumour mongers would start to spread their rot. The Sun is invariably at the centre of any story that is based on zero fact and all rumour, as is shown by this lame piece of journalism which tries to create an Arsenal 'revolt' out of nothing.

This weak piece from Steve Howard demonstrates quite nicely how the Sun like to dress up their own vitriol as a story, he lays into William Gallas without mercy. Apparently William Gallas is a red card waiting to happen as Steve Howard relies upon David Platt's wondrous insight for his story. Oh dear Steve it's pretty embarrassing you can't come up with anything better than that, I know your readers are not the brightest and have reading ages of just over ten, but really you should be able to muster up something a little more insightful than this utter pap.

Meanwhile the Guardian also seems to reckon that Arsenal's performance this season means that Arsene Wenger needs to modify his footballing philosophy, whatever that means. The title race is not quite over, and whatever happens, it should be remembered that Arsene's 'failing' philosophy has meant that Arsenal have been competing with clubs that have spent many millions more on players year in year out. For example the Chelsea side that gained the fortunate 2-1 win cost well over a hundred million pounds more than Arsene's Arsenal side, what a failing philosophy it is that enables miracles to be achieved year in year out. Tim Sherwood's words are so stupid that they mock themselves, I don't really feel the need to respond to such ignorant xenophobic rubbish.

Things have not gone according to plan in the last few weeks, following Eduardo's injury and a couple of refereeing shockers at St Andrews out title ambitions have faded away fast. Undoubtedly our squad needs strengthening, while there is a definite lack of directness and width on the flanks of our midfield. However we still have a lot to play for, all is not yet lost; while Arsene's work is still miraculous when put into perspective and compared to the clubs around us. Those in the media should think a little harder before they put the boot in, it is very easy to sell papers by appealing to the lowest common denominator, however that does not make good journalism.


Anonymous said...

Great point - the journo's can't wait to put the boot in because Arsenal have confounded their expectations so far. I'd like to see Chelsea or Man U survive the level of injuries we have this season (without the benefit of going out and buying an expensive replacement)and still be competing for trophies.

1979gooner said...


injuries is something I didn't mention, but we have had more than our fair share, especially relative to manu who have had very few especially in the spine of their side