Sunday 9 March 2008

Another youngster snared and Wigan preview

Arsenal have snapped up another young talent from Barcelona's feeder club, Ignasi Miguel, a centre back of some pedigree. This story was first broken by the Telegraph. Obviously there is a long way to go for the lad, and very few of these highly rated youngsters make as first team regulars, however it's still promising for the club, as Arsenal is seen as a club that will put young players into the first team and not stifle their development, like Chelsea for example.

The Professor of trauma surgery who operated on Eduardo's ankle talks of the injury and on his chances of making a good recovery. Gilles Grimandi reveals some interesting details of our scouting policy, and the long term nature of the decisions that are made in this area. The Mail highlights some filth that is coming our way at the JJB today.

On the blogging front I have to agree wholeheartedly with this rant on LeGrove, which excellently dismantles the rather unpleasant xenophobic and sometimes racist attitude that is present in a lot of garbage spouted by the tabloid media, especially the gutter radio Talksport which seems to be a mouthpiece for the BNP at times. Ian Wright is an utter embarrassment in most things he does, I'm sure he just sees himself as a good old Englishman who is entitled to be rude and offensive to anyone foreign. I also enjoyed this mocking of the annoyingly patronising git Mark Lawrenson, stick it where the sun don't shine Lawro.

On paper we should just have to turn up against Wigan, but football is not played on paper, I feel it will be a very tough test of our title winning credentials. The pitch is a joke, it will not be easy to play our one touch game, and Wigan will try to drag the game down to their level. I hope the referee clamps down on filth early on, as otherwise kit will just become a kicking contest in the JJB's ploughed field. Three points are needed badly today to put some pressure on the mancs, but it will definitely not be easy.

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