Thursday 13 March 2008

Happy St Totteringham's day!

That lovely day has come, sweet joy, St Totteringham's day is here, and Tottenham cannot finish above Arsenal for another season. Tottenham are 31 points behind us with ten games to go, I'm afraid that's it for the sorry spuds, even though it does pain me to say it.

This excellent St Totteringham's database is worth taking a look at, brought to us by Mike Pitt, many thanks Mike. Interestingly one has to go back as far as the 1994/5 season for an absent St Totteringham's day, long may this continue.

It does put into context the rather pessimistic predictions of many so called 'experts' who widely predicted that Arsenal would struggle to finish in the top four, and that they may well be eclipsed by Tottenham's sparkling young English 'talent'. It's good to see that these idiots were well wide of the mark and that Arsene continues to work his magic, long live the king.

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