Monday 6 September 2010

Shawcross the brave

There was a youthful clogger from Stoke
who was a terribly lovely kind of bloke,
in fact he was so nice that I am at a loss
to find words suitable for Mr Ryan Shawcross!

The Daily Mail and Sun have made it rather clear
that this young man is a dear,
a beacon of control and discipline
and most certainly someone not known to sin!

He's had a rather glittering career,
it started off with Fergie gripping his ear.
Since then he's played for Antwerp and Stoke,
oh that Ryan Shawcross is such a good bloke!

Despite Ryan's remarkably good and benign intent,
it seems strange that so many players seem hell bent
on ending their careers on his innocent studs,
but it must be bad lack and the crippled are mugs.

There has been Jeffers, Adebayor and Ramsey
who have screamed as Ryan has steamed in with glee,
it's just so great for the English game
to see our technical talent made crippled and lame.

Ryan Shawcross is the future of English football,
he is such a useful lad in a ruck and a maul.
It is just so terribly terribly sad to hear
that some jealous people are targeting this innocent dear.

The weird and vindictive Arsene Wenger
appears to be engaged in a wicked vendetta,
motivated out of jealousy and spite
he is unfairly attacking the innocent with such might.

It could never be said that the tactics of Stoke
would lead to the goalkeeper taking a cynical poke,
with such an upstanding man like Pulis in charge
one would never see the hint of a deliberate barge.

Ryan Shawcross is the truly bravest of this day,
he will show no mercy to any tibia that stands in his way.
It takes a very special type of audacity
to end a fellow professional's career with such glee.


Anonymous said...

man up

Anonymous said...

Mate seriously, stick to normal blogging. This is horrendously bad.

Anonymous said...

Had a good laugh. Just ignore the trolls and keep up your fantastic writing.

Anonymous said...


I'm a great writer and I loved this. Made me LOL.

Keep it up.

And to all the Trolls, get back to that wiener you love munching so.

Uncle Mike said...

1979, you blog like Henry, but you write poetry like Silvestre. Your point about the thug Shawcross is well made, but, puh-leese, go back to the old format!