Saturday 11 September 2010

Happy 700 Sir Alex, it's lucky Manchester United have forgotten the 99 questions!

I thought I would preempt the media fanfare that will greet the might Sir Alex Ferguson's 700th league game for Manchester United. If anyone wishes to know the background to Sir Alex's and Manchester United's dirty business past then read here and here.

Essentially Sir Alex is not whiter than white. He took on men far bigger and more powerful than himself in John Magnier and JP McManus, he was found wanting. Magnier and McManus dug so much dirt on Ferguson that he ran back to his little hole with his tail between his legs. Sadly Ferguson's retreat meant that the true extent to his and Manchester United's dodgy dealings was never exposed.

The infamous 99 questions were never properly answered, indeed they were never fully disclosed into the public arena. This is not a surprise, Magnier and McManus had got what they wanted, they withdrew with victory and did not kill Ferguson off as they most certainly could have done. Manchester United brushed it all under the carpet with a rather lame internal review and nothing more was said. The BBC have been scapegoating for merely repeating some of the dirty secrets that had already been unearthed.

So happy 700th Sir Alex. I know there are a lot of Manchester United fans who are so deluded and stupid that they genuinely love and respect you. I will readily acknowledge that you a great manager, who could deny this, however I have very little respect for you as a human being. There are countless examples of your behaviour which have shown you to be a bully and not the most pleasant of individuals. Great manager indeed, not a very pleasant man though and a man with a distinctly dodgy past. It's a great shame that you cannot trade your trophies for class, dignity or respect.


Anonymous said...

I thought this was an arsenal blog. disappointing.

I think i will go back to just reading arseblog as he seems to stick firmly to the Arsenal

1979gooner said...

fine, no worries, you can read what you like

here anything football related is fair game, it's not just going to be arsenal 24/7

Anonymous said...

The first comment must be from a disguised manc.

Keep up the good work, 1979gooner. It's good you show us the hypocrisy of the media in their football reporting which in the end is effecting Arsenal as well.

1979gooner said...

anonymous 2,

this is what I suspected, quite cunning for a manc eh!