Tuesday 14 September 2010

Noble Coyle speaks up for little clubs

Anotherarsenalblog has had exclusive access to Owen Coyle in order to obtain a special interview about events at the weekend, Paul Robinson and the clear bias against small clubs shown by referees. Coyle started off:

"Maybe when the smaller clubs come to the elite clubs, they don't get the rub of the green."

It's hard to disagree with him here. There are so many many ways in which Bolton didn't get the rub of the green. Firstly Bolton is the not the most scenic of locations and it's very hard to convince anyone to live there. Secondly given the style of football they play it's very frustrating for anyone who wants to touch the ball occasionally with their feet. Thirdly the Emirates pitch was far too manicured and flat, a good going over with the Bolton Wanderers FC tractor would have made for a far more even contest. Fourthly on rare occasions the referee had the cheek to try to preserve the limbs of the Arsenal players. Fifthly it was deeply unfair that the referee didn't allow the Bolton players to take weapons onto the field of play, this would have been a good way of making for a much more even contest. Coyle them commented:

"As mangers what we want is that they get the big decisions right"

I assume by this that Mr Coyle thinks that the referee helped Bolton get off with a relatively narrower margin of defeat that their violent negative play warranted. Obviously the fact that the referee failed to send off Davies and Robinson, while failing to give two stonewall penalties to Arsenal meant that Bolton were helped out by the referee, Coyle was frustrated by this as he wanted his Bolton players to learn that violence and hoofing doesn't pay. He then added:

"Gary Cahill is an honest lad, he would never hurt anyone, he goes to church on Sundays. He was getting tired and felt a sudden cramping in both legs, he had to straighten them immediately, it was just bad luck that Chamakh happened to be in the way at the time. This is the argument we shall be putting forward at the FA and if they don't listen I'll set Paul Robinson on 'em"

Then when questioned about the injury sustained by Abou Diaby after being assaulted by Paul Robinson's jump challenge, an injury that has left him unable to train this week, Coyle said:

"Paul Robinson is a good honest lad and would never intentionally hurt a fly, he goes to church on Sundays and the fact that his wife wears shin pads is merely a coincidence and nothing to do with his tendency to fly in with both sets of studs showing. Paul has been diagnosed with restless legs syndrome and has to straighten them out on a regular basis, it was simply bad luck that Abou got in the way of his stretching routine, he won the ball too."

Seriously this blog has the utmost respect for Owen Coyle and Bolton Wanderers FC, about as much respect as they do for the opposition's tibias, in fact they are all good honest English lads (apart from that ginger keeper, Steinsson, Elmander and a few others) who would never go out to intentionally hurt an opposing player. This blog would also like to congratulate the FA on yet another glorious triumph for their disciplinary system, another blogger's video has been censored and another leg breaking tackle has gone unpunished. Hopefully today's news on Abou Diaby will not be too bad while I hope Cahill's ban is extended, however it would not surprise me if Cahill has his ban scrubbed as the FA don't care for protecting Arsenal players.


ReZnuK said...

I used to have some respect for Coyle coz he tried to get Burnley playing reasonable football (still a little hoofy at times, but not a big problem). But this match has shown he's just like the others - win at all costs, kick the opposition up in the air.... that and his comments about him "making a man" of Jack have destroyed any shred of respect for him.

1979gooner said...

I don't mind Coyle that much, he does have to be seen to pretend that Bolton were in the game when they were not. By pretending the referee turned things he is trying to make out Bolton were closer to getting a result than they actually were.

His teams are much better than fat Sam teams and he does get them to play more football.

I do agree in some repsects though because of some recent comments. He has tried to make weak excuses after their last two defeats to us, plus he should have apologised for Cahill and Robinson's tackle, rather than ignoring Robinson's/appealing Cahill's.

To be fair to him he has inherited a team of largely cloggers who can only play in one way, it will take him time to get rid of fat Sam's malignant influence.

Uncle Mike said...

I also used to respect Coyle. What he did with Burnley is impressive, and, as they proved by going on that nosedive to relegation last season, they needed him a lot more than he needed them.

But now that he's in Bolton, he's contracted Allardycisis. There is no cure, although a 4-1 smacking with Hyperarsenol is a treatment with promising results. (For us! Note that the misspelling was intentional.)