Tuesday 7 September 2010

Expected news as proper action nears

So the club have revealed that RVP is likely to be out til mid October ish with his ankle injury. It was obviously a nasty sprain so that's what was expected really, about 4-6 weeks give or take. RVP needs to stop diving into tackles when he is not fully committed, it's only inevitable that he'll continue to get these kind of injuries if he does so.

A shed load of Gunners are in international action tonight, so one cannot rest easy yet on the injury front. Encouragingly Sebastien Squillaci is starting for the reserves tonight, alongside him is Johan Djourou who nears full fitness. JET must be in a good position to be staking a claim for a place on the bench with the number of injuries we currently have to strikers. Jack was on form for the England U-21s having come on as a half time substitute.

Apologies for the rhyming nature of recent postings, there has just been so little of interest to talk about that I felt like rhyming. It would have been easier and quicker to simply label Shawcross a c*ntish thug, Rooney a whore shagging reprobate and the Interlull boring. Still I enjoyed it and I hope a few of you did too, the verse definitely got better with some practice.

We have Bolton at home, Sunderland away and West Brom at home as our next three fixtures before the biggie away to the Chavs at Stamford Bridge. We need to keep picking up points, especially from the home games, and we need to keep in touch with the Chavs. The Chelsea away game will be a litmus test of sorts, but it's important to remember that the small games carry just as many points and there is no room for complacency.


Stoney said...

Evening goons. I find myself in a bit of a moral dilemma and I've come over here for a bit of advice. I was wondering whether it was the done thing to post on goon websites my absolute delight at seeing Walcott get crocked on international duty. Just like loads of you did when Dawson got injured the other night. Na na. I won't. It wouldn't be a nice thing to do. Thanks anyway.

AlexSongshair said...

Stoney's a bit stupid, I bet you think Spurs are a bigger club than arsenal as well.

So you aren't an England fan then. It doesn't matter Dawson getting injured, because his back up is in fact better than him, well Cahill, not Lescott.

Stoney said...

Alexsongshair. You got all that from just one post? Boy you're good.

Ted said...

No moral dilemma at all Stoney. You did it and so what?

who are Spurs anyway? What a joke.

Anyway, can someone in Switzerland do something useful, like kick Ashley Cole in the head.

Anonymous said...

Stoney ole son....see what happened to Defoe? Ain't karma a bitch!

Stoney said...

Defoe is fine. He just fancied a lie down after all that running around. He's made of much tougher stuff than Theo walnut. Chill out. Don't worry, but thanks for your concern, shows not all you goons are the complete ar5eho1es most people think you are.

1979gooner said...


you sir are a c*nt.

you will have noticed that no one on this site has been showing any delight in reaction to dawson's nasty injury, and we certainly wouldn't condone anyone doing so, we should rise above that kind of behaviour

so you coming here and behaving like such a c*nt just makes you look like even more of a c*nt

if you want some advice, grow up and put your bitter resentment of Arsenal aside so that you do not show delight at a footballer sustaining an injury, however nasty that injury may be

Uncle Mike said...

Ted, I would advise against kicking Ashley Cole in the head. That's a good way to break a foot.