Tuesday 21 September 2010

Cup run off to straightforward start

While some gloat in victory and others make DVDs at the drop of the hat, here we do not get carried away after beating average footballing sides managed by dishonest wheeler dealers.

One man who didn't leave the stands early was that man Arsene Wenger and how he must have loved what he saw. Both sides had rather similar strength sides, although I am sure that the media will try to brush this defeat under the Spuds' carpet by claiming that the Arsenal side was much more of a first choice side.

The Spuds need to remember their place, this season we've already heard some ridiculous arrogance from Defoe and Redknapp. They would do better to play themselves down, rather than bigging themselves up, only to be knocked down to earth with a rather large bang. In fact the Spuds were quite lucky that both their centre backs remained on the field after clear last man fouls for the penalties.

The great thing for me about this Arsenal side was the fact there was an excellent core of genuine home grown talent within. Wilshere, Gibbs and Lansbury were all key in this win. That was great to see. We should not get carried away though, we've only beaten Tottenham.

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library2.0 said...

Has everyone forgotten we must be favorites to win the quadruple?