Wednesday 22 September 2010

Fingers crossed for Kieran Gibbs/FA and cheats

So poor old Kieran Gibbs mat have done something nasty to his foot again, I really hope this isn't the case given just brilliant he has been in his few appearances thus far this season.

Obviously he fractured his first metatarsal last season, which then didn't heal, this meant he had to have it fixed and bone grafted. The concern would be that he has re fractured the same metatarsal that he broke last season and that would be an absolute disaster, he would be out for many months. The lad really has had terrible luck. My fingers are firmly crossed.

I see old cheeky turnip faced 'Arry has accused Samir Nasri of diving to win the first penatly last night "Really, I think he dived for it " Bassong clear put an arm across Nasri, the contact was deliberate and definitely enough to slow him up so that he couldn't get to the ball. This makes it a penalty in my book. Bassong had no need to put the arm across him, it was cynical and stupid.

I wonder why Redknapp (and Ferguson at the weekend) are allowed to state that they think opposition players cheated quite directly and therefore imply that they are cheats; however when Arsene did the same regarding RVN he was charged and fined by the FA. Interestingly in Wenger's case he did not directly call RVN a cheat, even though he clearly cheated, he just hinted at it. Again the FA's silence and inconsistent approach to discipline shows them to be either a spineless organisation that simply reacts to the media or a corrupt organisation.


Anonymous said...

Let's be clear, Arsenal won that game 3-0 in normal time. Lansbury had a clear penalty; Gibbs wasn't offside and Keane was. 3-0 QED

Harry is a twerp!

1979gooner said...

twerp is too polite a term

the man is a c*nt

Anonymous said...

Choked about Keiran Gibbs. Is he ever going to get some luck? Of real concern is the consistent. persistent and cynical fouling of Jack Wilshere throughout the game. I know that the apologists will say I am just another whingeing Arsenal fan, but even the most myopic Arsenal hater could see that Wilshere was being targetted. His saving grace is that he is English and maybe, just maybe, the FA will see what everyone can see. When you play Arsenal, kick them, every manager from Ferguson to Pulis condones and encourages it. FACT. Jaygooner

Uncle Mike said...

Jack Wilshere is NOT English. He is Arsenal and therefore he is French. Consequently, Robbie Keane is not Irish, Gareth Bale is not Welsh, and Pavulcunto and Krancjar and Modric are not Eastern European; they are Spurs and therefore they are English. Just as Drogba is English because he plays for Chelsea, and Vidic is English because he plays for Man U.

All of which will make it that much sweeter this May when Arsenal win the English Premier League. And the English FA Cup. And the European Cup, too. Yeah, take it all, and to hell with 'em all. Let's take 'em.

By the way, Gibbs is going to be fine in a couple of weeks. Which is more than I can say for Spurs fans! What a bunch of bottlers. I wonder if their boards are "claiming a result" from a hooligan fight, the way they still talk about how they beat people up after the 5-0 win in '78 -- Sunderland's hat track and Brady's "Look at THAT!" goal.

1979gooner said...

thanks god gibbsy is ok, a week or two maybe, no serious damage!

spuds fans are a bunch of c*nts on the whole, no idea why, they just are rather unpleasant, bitter and aggressive