Friday 10 September 2010

A boring post saying nothing that exciting

I thought it would be nice to have a completely honest headline for once, so many headlines on the Internet these days are designed to suck readers in, often the headline makes it out that something very exciting is to follow, however the actual article is invariably just recycling something tedious. Take this from today: 'Arsenal defender plots Emirates exit', it makes you think that a big Arsenal player wants out and is plotting something devious, actually a young Reserves player is keen to go out on loan. Earlier today there was the 'Spurs can finish above Arsenal', when all Van der Vaart had said was ' we can aspire to beat them'. He has to say that, again headlines have been made to sound interesting when the story is very very dull indeed.

Anyway another day, another injury, this is what being an Arsenal supporter is all about. At least Thomas Vermaelen's injury is not likely to keep him out of action for more than a few days. So that's Theo, RVP and TV all out as a result of recent injuries, add that to Nic Bendtner and it has certainly affected our options, especially up front. As many have said without Theo it will be important to have a bit of width and pace, sometimes we can lack that and then our attacking threat is only down the middle, this is much easier to defend against and would play into Bolton's hands. As a result I think we may see Eboue down the right, Arshavin down the left with Chamakh in the middle, the midfield three would then be Song-Cesc-Diaby. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing Cesc left out, he was average against Blackburn, will be knackered after a long haul flight and Tomas Rosicky has been on fire of late.

Finally here at anotherarsenalblog we are doing a special running series to celebrate Alex Ferguson's 700 league games at Old Trafford. For anyone that missed our recent pieces on the Rock of Gibraltar and the 99 questions scandal that rocked Old Trafford, they can be read here and here. The Daily Mail archive team have very kindly provided us with the original pieces on the scandal 'Secrets, conflicts of interest and ‘astonishing fees’ '. It is a very interesting piece of history that Sir Alex clearly wants buried deep underground. Interestingly it appears the actual 99 questions that Magnier and McManus put to the United board have never actually been published in full. More digging will follow, do not fear.


Anonymous said...

Damn it; you sucked me in

1979gooner said...


Anonymous said...

No exciting news on the pedo or his boy toys today, so let you obsess on the club you aspire to be, Lol! Half a decade without ONE single trophy to your name can make a very sad bitter twat can't it! You have my sympathy loser, I'll give you a hug after i've finished with you dead mum!

1979gooner said...


come back when you can say something of intelligence,

if you wish to comment on any of the specifics concerning the 99 questions then feel free

if however you merely wish to engage in personal abuse because your northern monkey brain cannot compute the fact that sir alex is an unpleasant corrupt individual and this short circuits your small grey cell collection because you love such the man so, then cheerio and come back when less deluded and able to spell better than a 3 year old primate

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. I have had quite enough of the sensationalist, immoral British media. It really makes me feel ill. As a result, I turn to blogs like yours, which I feel has far more clarity and honesty than any number of perverse tabloids (including, by the way, The Daily Fail) spewing their poison nowadays.

Just a quick note on our striker situation - it was interesting that Wenger mentioned JET and Afobe. Clearly he has faith in these two lads, and I fully expect to see them in the Carling Cup and even in the Premier League squad.

Anonymous said...
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1979gooner said...

offensive personal abuse such as that deleted is not tolerated on this blog

if you can't make a sensible point, then cheerio

maybe the 99 questions are just too much for you to take

1979gooner said...

yep, totally agree,

was very interesting to hear him big up JET/Afobe

he even went as far as calling Afobe a 'big talent'

having seen a bit of JET and the highlights of the recent reserves games, they are very exciting talents

Anonymous said...
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1979gooner said...

oh dear oh dear

some people are just a little slow at learning

if you can't make a sensible point or mock me without mentioning my dead mother, then I suggest you go elsewhere and return when you have grown up


Uncle Mike said...

Let the ManUre cunts have their delusional fun. They got 99 questions, but we only got 1:

Where were you, where were you, where were you when you were sh!t?

Maybe we got a 2nd: Where will you be when Sir Gumchomper is gone, and he and the FA can no longer protect you, and you'll have to live by the same rules as everyone else, and the money dries up? Man City may replace somebody in the Big Four, but it sure as hell won't be The Arsenal.