Saturday 11 September 2010

Seb and 'No woman, No Kai'

Not much more to really add to yesterday's pre match amble, it's just that a little bit more mocking of certain individuals may be in order. Seb Squillaci will make his debut and it will be a baptism of fire for him, playing against Kevin Davies is a bit like playing with a chainsaw without protection, those swinging elbows, not forgetting his relatively impressive falls to ground for such a big strong lad. Hopefully Seb and Kos can play with an appropriate level of aggression and keep things fairly tight at the back. It's good that the muscular Song and Diaby are around to help them out defensively, especially in dealing with a bit of that aerial threat.

Some of you may be surprised to read the odd Manure related story here in recent weeks. Well that's for a number of reasons, firstly good stories are good stories irrelevant of who they concern, secondly those who live in glass houses need to have a few stones thrown at them when they are constantly attacking us with missiles. What I am hinting at here is the rank hypocrisy and arrogance of a significant percentage of Manure fans, especially those who write deliberately inflammatory anti-Arsenal pieces and then block all comments from Arsenal fans. They seem to believe all they read in the pro Manure press, this seems to propagate the bizarre deluded bubble in which they dwell. Their manager sums it up well, he spends as much as anyone, yet he criticises others for daring to spend cash, he has one rule for himself and a completely different set for others. No wonder Man United fans are so hated, they think it is for their success, it is not, it is for the way in which they have reacted to success, that obnoxious and repulsive arrogance with which they are terminally afflicted.

Wayne Rooney seems to be affected by the same delusional virus. He has released a statement showing his ridiculous naivety and stupidity :"We would therefore ask that the media now respects our privacy and the right of our family to discuss these matters in private." The great irony of this whole sorry scandal is that Wayne Rooney has made bundles of cash from the News of the World and the Sun in the past, if you live by the sword, then you must die by it, learn this fat Wayne. You simply cannot expect the media to respect your privacy if you have previously invited the media into your life on numerous occasions for money.

Everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes, this is true. However Wayne Rooney is the Joey Barton of the brothel, he is also either incredibly stupid or an utter bastard, I suspect more of the former, one only has to look back at the comments he made about David Moyes in his book to see what kind of individual Wayne Rooney is. He is immature, he is stupid and he comes across as a rather unpleasant individual a lot of the time. Wayne Rooney deserves no sympathy on his return to Goodison this weekend. The way that Manchester United fans refuse to criticise or even comment on Sir Wayne is ridiculous beyond belief, these moral reprobates are happy to chant 'paedophile' songs at the innocent while letting their own players get away with murder, it probably doesn't help Wayne grow up, he is treated like a King by these fans whatever he does. So here are some Wayne Rooney chants for you to enjoy, read them while humming the title song and chuckling at the hypocrisy of a certain class of moron:

Who's that shagging in the Lowry ?
Who's that with a dirty brass ?
It's Wayne Rooney and his ho
Giving every hole a go
Cos Colleen wouldn't take it up the ass

Who's that slapper in the Lowry.
Who's that dirty f****** whore.
It's a thousand pound a pop
And she said he was a flop
And he wont be shagging Colleen anymore

ps Wayne Rooney has been left out of the Manure squad for today's trip to Goodison, what cowardice, how pathetic not to face those you have insulted and offended


Anonymous said...

LOl. No Woman no Kai.

Wayne Rooney shagged a whore, we all thought he couldn't score, his wife gonna take his money from the bank, next Wayne just have a wank!

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