Friday 3 September 2010

Poem of the intertull: boredom

So another day passes of the interlull,
isn't it too soon for life to be this dull?
England are playing against the mighty Bulgaria,
but that doesn't make me feel any less wearier.

The Sun continues to report the so called news,
but they're mainly concerned with who's being screwed by whose.
Young Jack Wilshere is the subject of their latest concocted tale,
but at least he wasn't climbing trees like Gareth Bale.

The lastest Arsecast might well help you pass some time,
it's a refreshing change to hearing that familiar minority of Gooners whine.
We may not have signed a keeper on deadline day,
but that doesn't stop people prattling on about it anyway.

Barcelona just can't keep their big fat mouths shut,
but even they have a bit more integrity than Salman Butt.
Lots of Arsenal players are in action including Song against Mauritius,
just what have FIFA done to make international football so delicious?

So we've started the season with a decent seven points from nine,
and the Verminator is keen to prevent the ball from crossing the line.
This season it would be great to see Gooners presenting a united front,
and I couldn't finish without mentioning that Harry Redknapp is a ****.


Football Tube said...

Thumbs up for a nice poem. I like that, football fans with some intelligence.

Uncle Mike said...

There once was an Interlull boring.
It rendered each one of us snoring.
So it's on to Bolton Wanderers.
Let's turn them into blunderers
and continue this off-the-charts scoring.