Wednesday 15 September 2010

The FA are an utter disgrace

So the FA turned down Gary Cahill's appeal yesterday, they had no choice really, two footed tackles from behind should never be appealed, he should have been given an extra game ban for taking the p*ss. Arsene has had some very interesting things to say since the match, reported by John Cross here in the Mirror and also by Matt Lawson in the Express, I have taken a few bits to highlight for you:

"The tackle was bad. The tackle was very bad. I cannot protect the players, only the FA can do that. I love the English game, but people are more interested in controversy than protecting the players. Why should I create another story? You asked me how the tackle was, and it was bad."

Only an idiot would deny this was a red card tackle, even the vast majority of Bolton fans have conceded this since the game. The FA have done so little in recent years to ensure that all these leg breaking tackles are properly punished, whether seen by the referee or not. Either this one was seen by the ref and he is so bad that he thought it a fair tackle, or he missed it and the FA should be doing something. Either way it shouldn't matter whether the ref saw it or not, violence like this should always be punished retrospectively and should never slip through the net. The FA's useless incoherent disciplinary process cares more for not undermining referees than consistently punishing violent and reckless play, this is the disgrace.

"You can say Cahill's red card was harsh, but he had no intention at all to play the ball. Tackles from behind with two feet off the ground are a red card. If you have technically a good tackle on a sliding pitch where the player takes the ball I say it's fantastic. It's as good to see as a player scoring a goal. But when a guy closes his eyes and jumps with anger it's not right."

Arsene has no doubt that Cahill's tackle was a red card, something I also have agreed with from the moment. Arsene also had a veiled dig at the likes of Mark Hughes and Sam Allardyce:

"I have never encouraged one of my players to kick somebody, if you find a player who tells you I have told them to kick somebody on purpose I would like to see him."

It is a disgrace that some managers in the Premier League tell their teams to go out and kick the other team off the park. Robbie Savage clearly stated that Mark Hughes did this routinely while managing Blackburn Rovers, if that doesn't make him a thug I don't know what does?

So this weekend David Moyes has been charged by the FA for having the audacity to accuse a referee of blowing at a rather suspicious time in the game, just after Manu had failed to score from a corner and just before Everton had a great goalscoring opportunity. However the FA have done absolutely nothing to retrospectively punish the leg breaking tackle that injured Abou Diaby. The FA's lack of action speaks volumes, they are an utter disgrace in my eyes, their inconsistent approach is effectively condoning the violent and reckless play which routinely threatens to end players' careers prematurely.


Anonymous said...

Great article. Even on SS News they said it was a hard tackle...? Hard Tackle? it was reckless and this has to be dealt with severely by an FA panel. It will stop the Boltons of the world from thinking they can get away with it.

1979gooner said...

It was hard. But hard, reckless, and violent.

People who condone this tackle really have no understanding of football at all. They must have never played the game I'd imagine.

clockendrider said...

"Even on SS News"? What you mean that impartial arbiter of all that is good. No wonder you stayed anonymous.

Anonymous said...

'No action will be taken by the Football Association over Robinson's tackle, The referee, Stuart Attwell, did not deem it to have been a foul and was satisfied that he dealt with it at the time by playing on'.Did he see it again and still deem it not a foul,if so he is a liar or shouldn't referee ever again.How by 'playing on'was the incident dealt with ? How can i get the FA to answer these two points ?

1979gooner said...

anon 917

"The referee, Stuart Attwell, did not deem it to have been a foul and was satisfied that he dealt with it at the time by playing on"

This shows just how crap the system is.

The ref is incompetent because if he thinks that wasn't a foul he has not clue at all.

The problem is that according to their system if the referee didn't miss the incident, ie this case even though he got it wrong!, then they can't ban retrospectively!

It's a joke because sometimes they ignore this little rule when it suits, it's a completely incoherent and stupid process.

1979gooner said... go and annoy them here, I sent:

"I am shocked and appalled at your complete inaction on this shocking tackle at the weekend.

Apparently the referee saw this incident and adjedged it not to have been a foul. If this is the case then Stuart Attwell should be withdrawn from refereeing, as a straight legged reckless lunge with studs up at mid shin height should always be a red card offence. Video footage shows this quite clearly to have been a horrendous tackle.

The excuse now used by the FA in not charging Paul Robinson of Bolton is that the referee dealt with the incident at the time. He clearly did not.

Even if he you deem he did deal with it then you have set the precedent of looking at incidents again in the past, incidents which had also been dealth with by the referee.

Either way you should charge Paul Robinson with violent conduct as tackles like this have no place in the game. If you claim that your procedure stops you from doing this then you need to seriously look at changing your outdated systems so that violence can be stamped out of the game.

I would appreciate a response on the above points as it is not acceptable that leg breaking tackles can be effectvely condoned by yourselves in this way,