Thursday 9 September 2010

Bloody ankles and more dross

So Theo is going to be out a bit longer than expected, the club are saying between 4 and 6 weeks, really bad luck for the lad given his great start to the season. It's always a bit of a guessing game with ankles, he could be back in less than the 4 weeks, the estimate is just that, an estimate and can sometimes be a bit off. All we know is that he's had a scan which will show that he hasn't completely ruptured a ligamentous complex, the recovery from now is a tad unpredictable and any estimate is just a ball park figure.

On the plus Samir Nasri is recovering very quickly from his knee arthroscopy, he may be on the bench for Saturday. Nic Bendtner is getting there, 3-4 weeks apparently. Denilson is now fit, not that I'm particularly concerned by this fact given that he is not good enough to start games with the other players we have fit. I do agree with Denilson's attitude though, what he lacks in ability he tries to make up for with his determination. It is key that we take all our games very seriously, three points against Wolves or Blackpool counts as much as three points against Manu or Chelsea.

Finally onto this Stoke/Pulis/Wenger Shawcross nonsense. I think a lot of this stems to Pulis being a c*nt and having no respect for anyone but himself. After the Arsenal Stoke game in which Shawcross shattered Ramsey's leg, Wenger stated that what Shawcross had done was 'unacceptable', hard to argue with that really. When Pulis was told this he said that 'he can keep his opinion'. What a c*nt. No apology, no remorse, nothing, what a c*nt. This is the history of the bad blood.

Now onto the current spat. Arsene was asked by various journalists what he thought about the Stoke Tottenham game. He made it clear that he though Stoke were deliberately fouling the keeper and that their tactics were bordering on 'rugby'. Having see the highlights and several clear fouls on Gomez, it is hard to see why Arsene cannot have this opinion, it is rather valid given what happened. Pulis wrote his pathetic letter on a pair of pants and sent them to Arsenal/the FA and the PL.

People are entitled to their opinions, while Pulis can claim that the clear barges on the keeper were not fouls and completely accidental, Arsene can claim they were deliberate fouls that were against the rules of the game. Some absolute retard on the Teamtalk website, who I will not honour with a link, seems to think that Arsene deserves a ban for merely having an opinion. This pond life is clearly writing rubbish to generate traffic. It remains clear that he has no decent argument to back his rhetoric up, you simply cannot start banning managers for having opinions like this. Anyway how about this eleven for Saturday (assuming Cesc is too tired having flown back from Argentina):

Sagna Kos Vermaelen Gibbs
Wilshere Song Diaby
Rosicky Chamakh Arshavin


Drew said...

I think Rosicky deserves a spot in the team, but I might be tempted to play Eboue, either on the right of the front three or at right back. Without Walcott, the team lacks a bit of pace. I can't see Sagna losing his place, as he has been great this season so far, (minus being out of position against Blackburn) so I'm thinking Eboue further upfield would inject some speed into the side. Then Rosicky takes the most advanced midfield slot in Cesc's absence. (I love Jack, but if given the choice between Jack and Rosicky, it's Rosicky every time for me.)

1979gooner said...

I see your point. I agree we lack a bit of pace but I am never that impressed with Eboue in the midfield, he's always great at right back though.

gunner jam said...

why would fab not play.. and if he doesnt how about playing rosicky where fab would be, i like jack but rosicky never plays well off the bench much rather see him start and see jack come on for a bit of magic if we need it
id like to see jet get a run out on the right while walcott is out, he seems in form and what better time to test him when the space is there mayb even later on in the game or even vela so he can cut in on his left.

Danish Gooner. said...

I gaurentee you we will not see Van Persie nor Walcott before 2011.

mo said...

wot the hell is wrong with our ARSENAL players?it seems like they get injured even if the cough or sneeze?they need to man-up. i love van persie but why the hell should arsenal keep paying his wages when he hardly ever plays?i say sell him to the highest bidder. walcott i'll say his just lucky to only be out for 6 weeks. i saw several tackles in that match which were potential leg breakers including one from ashley cole on around 80 minute mark, his lucky to have not broken the players leg and only got a yellow for it. i think something has to be done. what?i dont really know but am fed up of teams not being able to play to there full potential because of injuries.

1979gooner said...

agree, the Swiss guy slid in on Walcott and got nowehere near the ball, you simply cannot go to ground in that manner safely

agree on JET, has been on blistering form in the reserves, would love to see him get some time on the pitch soon

Drew said...

Seeing how Vela was in Mexico this past week, I imagine we won't see him until at least the Champions League match midweek. I don't like Eboue upfront as much as I do at right back, but with Rosicky, Arshavin, and Cesc all in the side, the team feels small and predictable. Eboue's pace on the right and Arshavin's trickery on the left creates great balance. I know Eboue's finishing and diving are infuriating, but I think we need the side to be a little more robust against Bolton.

Anonymous said...

I love Eboue in midfield. I love it when he dribbles right to the box and takes on 3 guys. most of the time it doesnt work, every now and then he will draw a foul with one his exaggrated falls and every now and then some trickery will lead to assiting on a goal, so i'm all for it.

Eboue! Denilson is a champ too btw.