Friday 2 May 2008

No ransom please

If one is to believe the incessant rumour mongering in the press then the Flamster is set to join AC Milan, he reportedly wants Arsenal to offer him 75 grand a week, if this is the case then the club should tell him to f*ck off. He's a good player, but the club should not be held to ransom by anyone, certainly not a player, and I have faith that if he does go, then Arsene will find a very capable replacement. Frankly I am also sick of the speculation, it also hurts that so few players seem to value anything other than money these days, whatever happened to loyalty and happiness?

The Bosman ruling was clearly a good thing as players should never have been slaves to clubs, but it seems that things have swung far too far in the other direction, as players have far too much power to walk away from clubs while under contract. I strongly believe that a contract should mean something, and that a player should respect this fact. It is not in the long term interests of football for so much power to be in the hands of the players.

I do not particularly enjoy feeding off rumour, however one that may have some basis concerns a Brazilian youngster named Diogo. Arsene clearly has his eye on South America and having failed with a hefty bid for Robinho a couple of years back, I can see a grain of truth in this one. While I'm indluging in rumour, one player I would like Arsene to sign is a certain Croat a Pompey.

Some news that didn't make the headlines by any means was the story of a few youngsters being promoted to the first team squad, amongst them Jack Wilshere. Henry Lansbury, Mark Randall and Kieran Gibbs were the others. Well done also to Jay Simpson who won the league one player of the season for his outstanding performances at Millwall, quite an achievement. It's not easy to make it at Arsenal but there is certainly a lot of talent emerging that will add a bit of depth to the squad for next season. Sometimes the most exciting additions to the squad happen under our noses without us really noticing, remember a certain young Spaniard?

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Anonymous said...

Flamini should not be allowed to distract the team , he can go if he wishes to go afterall it was the same thing that happened to Anelka and we didn't get relegated because of it ...Fla wants to go and he should be allowed to go we can always find a better replacement for him..any soccer lover who will like to interact with other fans and dicuss any soccer related issues should check out Soccer fan base dot com it is free to join.