Tuesday 27 May 2008

Fiszman speaks - no surprises

If there's one thing you can guarantee in an argument, it's that if someone tries to polarise it into 'you're either with us or against us' then they're getting pretty desperate, and it's probably a sign that their argument is not based upon Granite foundations. Danny Fiszman has been speaking on Arsenal.com about his and the club's support for Arsene's transfer plans. While there is no specific transfer budget mentioned, Fiszman is no fool and the hints are there for all to see:

"I think Arsène answered that question when he said it is not a big name, it is a big talent we are after. I think it is about big talents and committed players."

He also states clearly that the club has a different ethos to Manu and Chelsea, and that we will not be breaking our wage structure to bring in big names. There are always those who enjoy butchering things so that they can be jammed into their own jigsaw. So while the Sporting Life has a very sensible take on events, the Mirror is misrepresenting Fiszman's words. You'd have to be slightly less endowed in the grey cell department to get sucked in by the Mirror though.

So overall it seems the club have things nicely on track and there is no need to to whip ourselves into a frenzy of self perpetuating fake hysteria. Arsene has openly stated that players were going to be brought in, even before Flamini and Hleb were on their way; most of us also knew that there were going to be no super glitzy big names arriving, as Fiszman says it is going to be mean big talents like the Sagnas and Eduardos of this world. Arsene has a pretty handy telescope for spotting this kind of committed talent, and although Fiszman's word are nothing that I wouldn't have expected, they are pleasantly reassuring.

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