Wednesday 14 May 2008

The Fabregas show

I was fortunate enough to obtain a backstage pass for the much hyped Cesc Fabregas show that is due to be shown on Sky this Monday coming. I'm not normally one for this type of mildly glitzy occasion but seeing as Cesc, Arsene and a few others might be around I thought it would be fun to head down.

The location was a largish studio just opposite Wembley Park tube station, which appeared slightly decrepit from the outside. Having gained entry and a very exciting photo ID badge, some tasty cold beverages were consumed within while having to endure some rather tinny two step beats blared out by a DJ who had a haircut that was somewhat reminiscent of the legendary Forest player 'Jason Lee', although the pineapple had been replaced by more of a mango shaped crop.

The show itself was rather glitzy and superficial, lacking the content that an Arsenal anorak such as myself would desire. The presenters, can't remember their names as I see no need to memorise the names of unamusing nobodies, blundered along with some rather poorly scripted gags while presenting Cesc's career so far in a rather disjointed manner.

Despite the tabloid style programming from Sky, one thing stood out for me, and that was the impressive young man that is Cesc Fabregas. His desire, commitment, intelligence and incredible modesty were there for all to see. His softly spoken eloquence impressed me and stood out in contrast to the tacky banter from the presenters. He is a great role model for any young kids out there, his desire to educate himself, learn another language and experience a new culture are things that make him a class above so many of his English counterparts. This all came over in the interview despite the lack anyone with a brain being present to ask some decent questions.

Instead of criticising foreign players, out media should sometimes look at what we can learn from some of the magnificent young professionals that travel to our shores to ply their trade. Some of our 'great' English youngsters can barely string a sentence together in their native tongue, while getting hammered is apparently something that we should all aspire to. Enough of the rant, the best bit of the night was when I bumped into Arsene and managed to muster the words 'I'm a big fan of yours' before forcing him into a hand shake. Well done Cesc, keep up the good work my son.


K man said...

Yaya Toure seems keen to sign...views?

He seems like a decent player although I've only seen him 3 or 4 times this season. Would fill the hole that Flamini has left but do we need another player in this mould given that we still have Gilberto, Diaby, Song, Denilson and even Kolo??

Have to admit to getting a bit fed up with the sensationalism over Hleb's possible move. He really isn't that great and it's not going to destroy us if he leaves. All the other top players are on long contracts so there should be no need to panic as most of the newspapers seem to be doing on our behalf!

Ted said...

Good stuff 1979 - an interesting piece and somthing I totally agree with. Arseholes like Darren Bent and SWP should go abroad and play football rather than collect their cheques for doing fuck all. Its no surprise the England team are shit.

I haven't seen enough of Yaya Toure, but what I have seen of him suggests good things, but not spectacular. I think Song played better than him at the ACN. Plus you can only assume that things are not going that well at Barca if he wants a move.

Agree about Hleb. He is damaged goods now whether he stays or leaves, and he can rot in the reserves as far as I'm concerned.

1979gooner said...

not that impressed when I've seen yaya toure to be honest

hleb - don't have time for anger, just pathetic really

dfunkydog said...

I agree with your point about the education of our footballers.

I wonder how many even thought about going overseas, playing in another league, learning something new.

1979gooner said...

probably not many!

Steve McManaman at least took the opportunity, but he seems to be a bit of an exception.