Thursday 22 May 2008

A shame someone had to win

My heart bleeds it really does, it couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke than JT, a man who shows respect to officials week in week out, a man who never tries to cynically cripple his opponents with dirty off the ball antics. Just think of poor Ashley Cole too, another Champions League final defeat, there is no justice in the world.

In all seriousness, there wasn't a great deal between the sides, both sets of eleven c*nts were pretty evenly matched. It was a great shame that someone had to win the game, it would have been much fairer if both sides had lost and so much more enjoyable for the neutral.

The hype surrounding the game was really a little over the top, some people seem to have forgotten that it was only a game of football. However having worked themselves up into such a frenzy, the media then had to continue the pretence that this was to be the greatest game of football ever, it wasn't a bad one by any means, but it was certainly a long from being the greatest ever.

United will go down as legends, even thought they looked second best for long periods. Even though some people deny the existence of luck, United's double owes a great deal to it, while they do have a very solid defence and an exceptional talent in Ronaldo, luck has been the difference between the big three English clubs this season. Having said that, well done to United, winning such a double takes a lot of doing, as well as a fair amount of luck.


Obsinho said...

Poor little me. I get paid £120k a week and all I have to do is kick a ball once a week. And someones faces. And call refs "cunts".

I hate seeing footballers cry. Fuck off and go to Burma or Beijuan and see people who have suffered. You worthless little shitbag.

Anonymous said...

thank God United won ..and Chelsea ended the way we ended

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1979gooner said...

indeed. some people need to get a life and some perspective.

Sky's coverage is OTT to say the least.

Boris Becker's quote from Wimbledone was a great one for me, after he lost a match to an unknown:

"I didn't start a war. Nobody died."

Ted said...

Last night will hurt chelsea a lot. The fact that it was JT, the Uber-Cunt, who missed the crucial penalty is fantastic.

Sky have to keep feeding the machine with hype to keep the wagon rolling. I thought it was pretty good as finals go. Manu were excellent first half, Chelsea in the second, and about even in extra time.

Chelsea will hurt like hell this morning. And Arsenal fans should remember that all Chelsea's money and massive signings has still left them without a trophy this season. The Chelsea side that won the Cup Winners' Cup in about 2000 was a joy to watch. This load are a bunch of arseholes.

Obsinho said...

(These are stats fobbed from elsewhere, where I thought they were shite, but have repeated anyway)

There was £300m of transfer fees on the pitch yesterday, split pretty much 50:50 (don't know if it includes the £20m needed for Tevez.

So. If you spend £150m you may win the double. Or you may win nothing. These clubs have an "unethical" (according to Platini) £1.5bn of debt to allow this level of spending. Do I really want Arsene to do that. No. If we can't compete with that, and won't gamble £150m on having a go, then I am not going to sit down on the pitch and cry like a tool.

Then again, I wouldn't start a fight with the opposition for contesting a throw-in we'd given them, when had made it my life's work to be the biggest cheating cunt in the world.

Wrighty7 said...

I reckon the only reason Terry took that kick was some sort of "I'm the man" Chelski bollocks.

He wanted the glory and for everyone to be saying

"John Terry-Mr Chelsea"

Glad the twat missed and glad that little prick cAsley Cole has lost another final in the Champs League!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thought for a moment I had stumbled onto a forum inhabited by a bunch of jobless lower league supporting Northerners judging by all the chippy comments on here about Wednesday night.

So JT shouldn't have cried? His tears were according to some of you a mockery considering the real life sufferings of those in Burma and China.

Do you think JT decided to cry? Do you think he missed the penalty and decided to weep his little eyes out? In the grand scheme of things many of our day to day concerns and worries appear pathetic and miniscule when set against the wider problems of the world. So what? Does that mean we should all stop talking about football and start focusing on 'important' topics like AIDS, world poverty and Zimbabwe? Does it bollocks.

JT cried. So fucking what. He was our captain, he was within an inch of scoring the winning goal in the most important football match he had ever played in, a game for which he had psyched himself up for weeks and in which he had given every last inch of passion so get off your sanctimonious high horses and fuck off to a Save Burma chatroom.

As for all this ethical crap, yes we have spent a lot of money as have United. Are Arsenal the more ethical team because they only signed Walcott for 12 million where we paid 25 million for Essien? What is an ethical multi-million pound transfer fee? Are Arsenal more ethical because they poach African players from French academies for a pittance while Chelsea pay £5 million for some unknown youngster from Sheffield United? Is the debt that Arsenal got saddled with for building the Camel Dome somehow ethical where Chelsea and United's debt is obscene? When Arsenal moan about refereeing decisions is it more ethical than when Chelse and United do it? Fuck ethics. There's no such thing as ethics in the Premiership. If you really cared about ethics in football you'd support Corinthian Casuals.

I have to say that I am incredibly proud of the boys on Wednesday. Ashley in particular had a stormer. Yes Ted is right in a way, the 1998 team was great. But for the way we played in the second half on Wednesday, pinning back and dominating for 45 minutes one of the best United sides of all time, for me it's these boys every time.

1979gooner said...

Modern football is rather unethical and hence also rather disillusioning.

As I've said Chelsea's ethics are less than most and this does have an effect for me.

I could never be proud to have a captain like JT, true, he may die for his team, but he would shit and piss on the enemy having killed their mothers. He is a badly behaved unsportsmanlike thug and a shocking example for any future footballer. I really think it is brilliant that he missed the penalty, it couldn't have happened to a nastier piece of scum.

1979gooner said...

ps "JT cried. So fucking what. He was our captain, he was within an inch of scoring the winning goal in the most important football match he had ever played in, a game for which he had psyched himself up for weeks and in which he had given every last inch of passion so get off your sanctimonious high horses and fuck off to a Save Burma chatroom."

I see your point, however JT is still a big girl and there is nothing wrong with trying to put football into perspective.

If more people did then there wouldn't be so many beered up hooligans trying to beat the crap out of each other.

Anonymous said...

But then you wouldn't get fun events like the Fulham Broadway Riot!

Personally I have no problem with you lot hating JT, Drogs, Ashley or anyone else for that matter but don't get too holier than thou about it. Let's not try to pretend that as individuals Billy G (that treachorous cunt), Eboue (that nasty violent little cunt) and RVP (that rapist cunt and if he's not a rapist he's still a cheating whoreshagging cunt) are any more morally sound than their Chelsea counterparts. Many footballers are cunts. Many aren't. Does Arsene only buy decent blokes? We all want to believe that our own players are slightly less cuntish and more morally sound than those of our rivals but in reality it's like saying that coke is nicer than pepsi. All a matter of which side of the fence you are sitting.

Ted said...

The Broadway Riot sums up Chelsea. Drunk Mindless Hooligans.

By thats enough ethics and I agree with you in the most part. Arsenal can't claim any moral high ground about this.

However, I think JT's tears showed how weak he is. Very few other players have shown that level of emotion. Gazza at Italia 90 comes to mind, and look how he turned out.

JT reminds me a lot of Tony Adams. Both are born leaders, excellent readers of the game and not blessed with great pace. Tone would also have stepped up to take the 5th pen and would have scuffed it in the corner. A badly hit mishit, but he would have scored.

If he had missed, then there is absolutely no way that Tony Adams would have cried. I don't think its a question of JT thinking that this was an ethical crisis. The moron doesn't even know left from right, let alone good from bad. JT is the school bully who just got into trouble - blubbing like a baby.

The bottom line is that for all his hard man image. Wednesday night showed JT for what he is. A choker who couldn't handle it.

1979gooner said...

Good banter newtonlover, I'm not pretending we have moral perfection at the Emirates by any means, but I do reckon the club conducts it's business a bit more ethically than Chelsea.

We have had our share of less than pleasant characters, however Arsene does actually tend to stay away from the badly behaved chavs, maybe signing Jeffers taught him a lesson.

Eboue is not a nasty player, he's just a small brained idiot and he does appear to be improving his conduct. Incidentally RVP was found guilty of nothing.

I won't pretend I like all Arsenal players either, but I still reckon it's good if we can admit that some of our own are w*nkers than living in denial. I really don't think JT is someone to admire for many reasons.

1979gooner said...,17033,8744_3601533,00.html

I think you get the sense that Chelsea and JT are not particularly popular amongst neutrals with rather good reason.

Have a look at Tony Glover's initial letter, he accused F365 of being racist for allowing criticism of Terry!

It gives me a bit of faith in football fans as Terry's despicable on and off the field behaviour is not something anyone should be proud of.