Wednesday 21 May 2008

Prophetical transfer musing

The transfer speculation is reaching fever pitch, I particularly like A Cultured Left Foot's amusing take on events. It seems that some people do not learn that there are many boys aout there who like to cry wolf, naively seeing the French newspaper L'Equipe as a printer of the gospel truth. Having spent several closed seasons in France reading L'Equipe, I can tell you that it prints its fair share of complete rot, so trust any newspaper at your peril. Nasri may or may not sign, I haven't a clue, but I will only believe it when I hear it from Arsenal Football Club.

L'Equipe is probably more reliable than the Sun, however that doesn't really count for much does it? The latest name to be linked with the club is an author who died in 1931, I am sure some blogs and news outlets will still swallow this tongue in cheek Arseblog effort down though, nice photo by the way. Arsene has been talking about the influence that referees have been having on the big games this season, surprisingly I am inclined to agree with him on this, there is so little to choose between the top sides that it does often come down to a bit of dodgy refereeing.

If you need some cheering up on this depressing day for football, then you can always have a laugh at Tottenham, or you can enjoy this tackle on Ashley Cole brilliantly executed by his team mate Claude Makelele. It hurts me as much as it hurt Ashley, trust me.


Anonymous said...

I must say I came onto your board expecting to see comments about the Champions League rather than transfer speculation - it's easy to forget sometimes that most teams have already entered the sheltered realms of 'pre-season'. Anyway I do hope you boys all enjoy the game this evening and will be wishing Ashley well in his quest to get a deserved Champions League winners medal. I suppose in truth that it was for this kind of big game that he crossed to West London, whilst poor old Billy G wandered erroneously in the other direction. Oh to give a penny for Billy's thoughts tonight... in the space of two years he has gone from top class Premiership defender chasing honours every season to participating in unseemly squabbles for third place whilst doing lots of kiddie-rearing. Arsene himself will no doubt be sitting in a darkened room tonight, dosed up by his wary nurses with a significant quantity of valium, while he mutters nonsensically about referees and conspiracies while trying to resist the temptation to knock one off over John Obi Mikel. Anyway, if you can't bear the thought that the game tonight will not solely be about passing the ball in pretty triangles but instead about winning the greatest prize of them all, might I suggest blocking out the outside world, making a mug of cocoa and curling up on the sofa in front of a re-run of the critically acclaimed Cesc Fabregas Show.

1979gooner said...

Oh yes,

we can only dream of achieving what Ashley has done in his career,

as Ashley demonstrates, you can win a few trophies and earn a lot of cash, but he'll still be remembered as a rather stupid chav,

the same analogy may well be true for Chelsea in few years time, if the club was a person it would be a big fat smelly chav covered in tattoes,

there is more to life than winning things, I would rather be an Arsenal fan and see the club win nothing for the rest of my lifetime than be a Chelsea or Manu fan,

Arsenal Football club behaves with dignity on the whole and does things properly, the same cannot be said for the big boys in todays final,

enjoy the final, but I'm sure you can't get rid of that slightly empty feeling nagging inside you, it's there because your club is one big cultureless chavlike hunk of shite

K man said...

Well said 1979.

Newtonisgod - did you support Arsenal once upon a time and then convert to Chelsea when the going got tough? No wonder you appreciate Cashley so much...