Monday 5 May 2008

Bitty with mixed emotions

Another three points, albeit a slightly disjointed performance, but Everton are not the kind of side that will roll over and make it easy for you. The goal had a certain wham bam about it, a lovely bent cross from the exciting Traore and a thunderbolt of a header from Nic Bendtner, I don't know why but even watching that kind of goal is extremely satisfying, and I reckon it shows how this current Arsenal side has added another dimension of play to its armoury this season, we simply did not score goals like that a few years ago.

The positives from the performance must come from another mature beyond his years performance from Alex Song, who has a natural ability to read the game and an uncanny instinct at knowing where the danger is coming from next, from Traore's exciting cameo on the left flank and from Bendtner's predatory bonce. Theo is threatening teams when he starts now, which is a big step forward, obviously he still has a lot to learn, but he is on the right track. Denilson is a great talent too, I wish people would give him just a little room to breath, it must be remembered he's still a young kid who has missed the majority of the season through injury.

Mad Jens got the send off that he deserved, he can be a rude, obnoxious, arrogant and offensive man at times, but I love him for his formidable strength of character and he would not be the mighty mad Jens if he had no negative traits, he'd be a boring Alan Shearer like drone, and thank God he isn't that. Flamini is off, I won't get too upset by this, he's been a great professional and always knuckled down to give 100% no matter what has been asked of him, he has had a fantastic season too, but I just wonder whether he'll be quite as formidable for Milan as he has been for us. Anyway I bid him well, it just disappointing he didn't want to be part of something a bit more special at the Emirates.


Wrighty7 said...

What do you reckon about Song being Flamini's replacement mate?

1979gooner said...

Song does look excellent.

I think he could do the job.

However don't expect the same output as Flamini.

Flamini will run and run and run, he will press and harry, Song is more thoughtful, a better passer and appears to read the game a bit better.

From what Arsene has said it looks like we're in the market for a big powerful centre back, so I think it's fairly likely that Song will be used in midfield.

K man said...

Still think Gilberto can do an excellent job - he's been good since he came back into the team. Sorry to see Flamster go but he's not worth more than £55k a week.

1979gooner said...

I think it will be important to keep hold of Gilberto, not only for his performances but also because he is such a top professional, you can trust and rely on people like Gilberto.