Sunday 7 November 2010

Part 2 - Mike Dean the officious weasel

Firstly I would like to say that my criticism of Mike Dean's performance is not an attempt to turn the attention away from a very good Newcastle performance and a rather impotent Arsenal one. Newcastle kept a deserved clean sheet, we didn't create enough in front of goal, however really the game should have been a nil nil, Newcastle created nothing, Fabianski's gift was virtually their only effort on goal.

Mike Dean produced one of the worst and most partisan performances I have seen in a long long time. The rat faced little twerp refereed with absolutely zero consistency and common sense throughout. Newcastle were sliding into tackles left, right and centre, often getting none of the ball and Dean let them get away with it time and time again. In the second half Barton committed an absolute minimum of two yellow card offences, one hack on RVP and one waist high studs up lunge on Wilshere were notable example of this tendency towards late hacking.

One couldn't argue with the Cesc booking in isolation, but several Newcastle players did far worse and got no yellow, it was the rank inconsistency that was so very frustrating. He allowed Gutierrez to get away with a clear red card kick out on Cesc, he slid in recklessly about two seconds after the ball had gone in the final few minutes.

The soft free kicks continued to flow for Newcastle, the lump Carroll just had to fall over for yet another free kick in a dangerous position. However at the other end Newcastle players slid in and kicked lumps out of our players' shins after the ball had long gone, Dean just waved play on as no advantage came. There was the clear body check on Sagna from Coloccini that Dean ignored, then the appalling error for the Koscielny red card.

Koscielny and Ranger had a bit of a grapple with each other, Koscielny stayed alongside Ranger and shoulder to shoulder, Ranger went down having not been clipped or tugged, there was also a covering defender, he wasn't even the last man. Still Dean, the officious little twerp, seemed to relish in his error, brandishing the erroneous red card with such vitriolic glee. The icing on his cake of utter incompetence. Four minutes of injury time followed after Newcastle had ensured that the ball had barely been in play for twenty minutes in the entire second half.

Mike Dean had two sets of rules for the two sides, he allowed Newcastle to slide in late as a matter of routine while he punished Arsenal players harshly for virtually every single indiscretion. What started out as a fairly sportsmanlike game became a niggling encounter, all thanks to Dean's inconsistent and haphazard application of the rules. The amazing thing is that we were the home side, so much for the big clubs getting the decisions, the smaller clubs seem to get the run of things at the Emirates, the polar opposite of what happens at Old Trafford.

Having said that we didn't play well enough, we didn't create enough and there was no way we deserved to win this game. Hopefully Fabianski's error will lead to a few more starts for the young Pole Szczesny. Credit to a very well organised Newcastle side who came for a draw, defended solidly and came away with a win thanks to Fabianski's error.


Anonymous said...

Embarrassing article full of excuses. You should focus on the problems of Arsenal and their pathetic performance and not the referee.

Anonymous said...

Look, the fact is we were dire for the 3rd time in 8 days. We have now lost to 2 promoted sides at home this season.
We're lethargic, obvious, hesitant and opponents always only ever need to create one chance at the emirates to score.

Anonymous said...

We played awfully. The ref made no difference. Cesc was awful today. Teams can now defend agaist us at full strength. Something needs to change because the fact remains, we are waaaay off the champions.

Robin said...

If Fabianski is in the goal against Wolves there´s only one solution to the problem.......Arsene out!

TRB55 said...

It was the defense! They left Carroll unmarked. How does that happen that close in? Fabianski didn't stand a chance.

Anonymous said...

Who is Grainger? Don't you mean Ranger? How can you write a blog when you don't even know the footballers names? I'll stick to reading the Arsenal blogs that tell the truth and aren't full of ill-educated shit.

Martin said...

I have to say that the referee's display changed nothing. We would've still lost. Fabregas and the whole team failed the fans today. It was even worse than West Brom in my opinion. There's no way in hell we'll win the league.

GoonerForLife said...

For the second time...Shut the F up!

Fans like you are the reason we can't move on as a club. We need to fully accept that we were beaten by the better team on the day and we were utter shit!

I wish people would look at themselves instead of blaming others. We played badly today, now we must analyze the mistakes and fix them.

so once again SHUT UP!

dev said...

another excuse by another akb blog....are u muppets paid by wenger to write this crap

Anonymous said...

are u muppets paid by the rapper shagger to write this shite....

Anonymous said...

You stupid twerp. blaming the referee and slightly missed time tackles make you sleep better than fine but please don't put an arsenal name on it.

1979gooner said...

What a set of intelligent comments.hmmmm.....

If you read what I wrote then I am openly acknowledging our poor performance.

The point of writing the blog is that I can write on what I choose, if you to choose to read it then fine, but don't come here and write rubbish that doesn't even address the points made.

Mike Dean's appalling performance stood out for me today, irrelevant of Arsenal's performance or the outcome, if you wish to comment on this then fine, if not then I suggest you go back to the drawing board, learn how to express yourselves with a modicum of intelligence and come back when have done this.

Regards those idiots who wrote the majority of rude offensive and completely unconstructive comments above.

Anonymous said...

yes dean was awful again but some ppl comments on here are from idiots. like the one who said arsene out!!!! Pll dont read the article just the headline and comment. but i totally agree with this article Dean is terrible everytime we get him we lose

Anonymous said...


Fabianski didn´t stand a chance???

The f-g idiot tried to pick the ball instead of boxing it.

Fabianski is too soft, no wonder his favourite movie is Bambi, it´s probably Arsene´s favourite too.....why the fuck is he so weak when it comes to worthless keepers like Flappy and Almunia, but hard as rock with Lehmann and Chesney.

1979gooner said...

anon 1602

Apologies for getting the name of a fringe Newcastle player wrong, if this makes all the difference to you then fine, it says far more about you than me.

Thanks for your other offensive comments, you are obviously a rather open minded individual.

By the way the AKB term only says something about those absolute morons who throw it around. It is useless, meaningless and utterly pointless. It is used by some very stupid fools who like to polarise the debate into, you're either with us or against us, this isn't big or clever, it's the classical sign of a bunch of cretinous and stupid bullies.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine you write articles to see if anyone agrees with you and nobody does.

You have a lot of form for analysing referee decisions to death and this one is another desperate attempt to mask a shite performance. It wasn't even a bad refereeing display.

Kos was the last man and as RANGER has pace to burn, he was through on goal. No doubt.

It was a physical game but not every dirty at all.

Anonymous said...

Moronic blog. 200 words on Mike Dean, as if its his fault we lost. Disgraceful really. If you have nothing to comment on about Arsenal after that disgraceful performance then you should stop blogging altogether.

1979gooner said...


if all you can say is 'shut the f*ck up' then you are one sad sad individual

can you not rationalise something vaguely coherent that addresses something put in the article?

your responses are akin to the man who just lashes out violently when losing an argument, I suggest you grow up or modify your name to something like


GoonerForLife said...

And I suppose it wasn't rude to call Dean a "rat faced little twerp"

I get that you're mad but blaming the ref...but come on we are better than that. Even if you talked about our performance, which I might add is very little compared to the ref rant, it should even be there because tbh he really didn't do much wrong.

Anonymous said...

The fact you got Ranger's name wrong tells me you're ignorant and don't bother doing your research. And that's backed up by this stupid excuse for a post match report.

1979gooner said...

Anon 1625

actually no, read the piece

we were poor but overall we were at least as good as newcastle, a draw would have been fair on balance of the game

I am not saying Dean's performance had much of an impact on the result, I am just saying he was appalling, I am entitled to do this

Your feeble attempts to twist what has actually been written in the article give your game away, you want to insult me and you claim that I have said that it is Dean's fault that we have lost

I have never said such a thing

We lost because we have an inadequate goalkeeper, if you bothered reading here more often then you would no that I am no fan of Fabianski

Still, Dean was useless and that's all I'm saying

What are you saying Dean was decent and fair?

It wasn't a shite performance, it was mediocre, but shite, have some perspective.

GoonerForLife said...

to correct a few mistakes

And I suppose it wasn't rude to call Dean a "rat faced little twerp"

I get that you're mad but blaming the ref...come on we are better than that. Even if you talked about our performance, which I might add is very little compared to the ref rant, it shouldn't even be there because tbh he really didn't do much wrong.

1979gooner said...

It's my perogative to write about what i choose, you can read it or not, that's your choice.

What I find strange is people coming here and deliberately misinterpreting things to suit their own agendas.

It is interesting hardly anyone has actually defended Dean, insinuating that you are just ignoring the points put to you.

If you don't like what you read then go elsewhere, then comment on what you read there.

It is just a bit sad to come here to comment on something that you have completely misinterpreted, then feel you have the right to tell me what to write about.

This is my blog and I will write about what I choose, if you don't like it then sod off with respect.

By the way to the chap who thinks getting Ranger/Grainger mixed up shows a rank ignorance, it's one small error, that's what it shows, the comments slagging off myself and the blog show that this person is no fan and just using this small thing as an excuse to throw around abuse. Nice try but I've seen through that one.

1979gooner said...

Dean was woeful, if you fail to see this I am surprised, still you can have your opinion, that's fine.

On the balance of the game we did create a lot more than Newcastle, other than Fabianski's error they created sod all.

We had a couple of decent chances and several other good openings, we threatened to get behind them way more then they did to us.

It wasn't great, but it wasn't that bad. Fabianski's poor error turned the game, Newcastle held on well for the point, but to pretend that we were awful and Newcastle brilliant does not portray the real game for me.

It shows how important it is to keep clean sheets, these errors change games and once again have undone us.

I can't be bothered to nail Fabianski because I know he's not good enough, I just want to see Szczesny play more.

Anonymous said...

Find one person to agree with you that it wasn't a sending off and I will show you a blinkered fool.

The ref was pretty fair throughout. newcastle time wasted a lot and perhaps he could have issued a card for that to the goalkeeper but everything else was fair.

You keep moaning about people insulting you but you have launched into a childish rant at the ref and then responded to all the comments with the same, if not worse, level of immaturity.

You say a draw would have been a fair result but you don't factor in that Newcastle worked their socks off and Arsenal didn't. A win for them was about right.

To choose to focus on the ref is just pathetic considering the wider concerns. Read some other blogs as I would say you are the only one in need of perspective today.

Anonymous said...

Author's lost the plot. Stop writing about a subject you know nothing about. Grainger??? wtf? You could at least go on and check the team sheets before writing a post match report.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal deserved nothing. 1 shot on target in 90 minutes is fucking pathetic. But like your blog.

1979gooner said...

"Author's lost the plot."

You castigate me for a small factual error than make these kind of blatant grammatical errors.

Pot, kettle......

borboski said...

I thought this was quite a sensible blog post. Christ, the internet warriors who have reacted with such negative comments have really depressed me.

Anonymous said...

An excellent article. Mike Dean is a biased an corrupt official, but, sadly, he isn't the worst of the lot.

The performance of referees in general this season has been egregious. The FA need to take a long look at themselves to work out how these self-aggrandising twerps have been allowed to officiate at any level, let alone in the Premiership.

1979gooner said...

Hi. Thanks for those last two comments. I too was surprised by the bizarre reaction of some internet warriors as you say.

Interesting not one critic of the original piece has made a decent defense of dean. Qed

thailandjersey said...

Anonymous said...

Great article - ignore all the self harmers out there who beleive that we should 'just be better' - they have zero understanding of match fixing or football.

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous article. There is no bias from any refs towards any teams. Mike Dean usually gets the big calls right and is one of Europe's finest referees. Ranger was clearly pulled down by Koscielny, who had to go. You really are a clown 1979gooner.