Monday 1 November 2010

Play Szczesny

I have just read the following on the Szczesny contract talks over at the excellent YoungGuns site, the young Polish keeper is quoted as saying:

“There was some offers, but I am not interested right now. It’s not that I don’t want to extend the contract, I just don’t want to hold talks at this point. I have enough money to live and I can’t complain about that, but I will only be happy if I play. Everything depends on how many games I play. I admit that I want to play at Arsenal as long as they want me. If I can earn my place in goal I won't even consider any other offers. "

If correct then the message is clear, he is not concerned my money, he will sign as long as he gets games in the first team. Personally I would doubt that he'd be happy with playing just the Carling Cup games, surely a few league games, a few CL games and the FA cup are in his mind.

I'm not saying drop Fabianski, but I think it would be an absolutely stupid mistake to allow Szczesny to walk away from Arsenal FC at the end of this season, he is the best young keeper I have seen for many a moon. He should play at least Carling Cup/some CL games/FA Cup and some league games, giving him at least fifteen first team games, I'm sure he'd be happy with this. Arsene should make him fight it out head to head with Fabianski for the no1 slot.

Perhaps the game away to Shakhtar is a good example of a game in which Szczesny should play, we already have nine points, with the amount of games we have coming up, often two a week, it would surely make sense to give the two keepers a game a week each? I do not want to see him leave us, Bob Wilson and Dave Seaman clearly rate the young Pole as highly as any young keeper they have seen, so please give him some games Arsene!


Anonymous said...

Agree with you. For all the rave review he's got, it would be stupid to let him go. Make him the no. 2 keeper. Almunia's time is OVER. He's got his time and chances, even as no.1 he's been poor and cost us points. Szczesny really just commands the goal area and boss around which is good - unlike almunia.

gazzap said...

How about sign him up and send him on loan to a team in the premier league or La liga? I dont think the lower leagues would be any good for him. Either way we need to keep him - if that means playing him more often in the first team then so be it.

Rhinogooner said...

Now that Fabianski has found some decent form, sell him while his stock is rising.

And before he makes more howlers.

Almunia could be content as back up to Chesney.