Tuesday 2 November 2010

Shakhtar coach confirms he is a w*nker and Spuds win

The Shakhtar coach has mouthed off in what would appear a rather blatant attempt to influence the officials before his team face us tomorrow in the CL. He clearly insinuated that the referees have not been neutral up to this point, he also stated that Jack Wilshere should have been sent off, while he looked for numerous other excuses as to why his team took a spanking at the Emirates:

"After three games, Arsenal has one card, while the rest of the teams have seven or eight. That says something."

It does say something, and it is not what the Shakhtar coach would like to think. It is rather likely that the opposition recieve far more bookings than us because of our superiority in footballing terms, it is common to see the opposition try to kick players like Cesc off the park.

The only decision I have any sympathy with him over is the penalty decision, is was soft, still they were 2-0 down at this stage and looking well beaten, it was hardly a game changing one. Maybe the Shakhtar coach would do better to look at his goalkeeper's flapping rather than focusing his efforts on pinning blame entirely upon the officials.

Who could fail to notice the Spuds beating Inter? Firstly well done the Spuds, just because they are a bitter bunch of w*nkers, it doesn't mean we have to sink to the same degenerate level. Secondly how amusing is it to see Benitez taking Inter backwards, there is no way that Mourinho's Inter would have defended so very naively. Maybe Benitez should reinforce his own glass house before throwing bricks at Roy Hodgson's.


Joe said...

Well said, agree with everything you've said,apart from where u say the penalty was soft.he literally had his arms all over him. Blatant penalty.if it was not given we would have been goin mad.good article mate

Uncle Mike said...

Rafa Benitez has the Reverse Midas Touch: Everything he touches turns to crap.

Or maybe Maicon really just needed Jose Mourinho. With Jose, Maicon was, for a year, the best player in the world, regardless of position, race or nationality. Without Jose, he let himself get embarrassed by Peter Reid's long-lost son. (Seriously, Christian Bale also has a "monkey's heed.")

1979gooner said...

cheers Joe,

Djourou was pulled, true, no doubt there, however Djourou was giving as much as he got, it was six of one and half a dozen of the other

simmer10 said...

Shocking donuts say's what!

Anonymous said...

An Arse fan whining about other teams managers trying to influence referees, LOL! The words pot, kettle, black spring to mind just a tad!

1979gooner said...


no actually,

our manager is pretty good in that regard

managers like Ferguson, Mourinho, Allardyce, Hughes have records of it

Wenger has a good record

maybe you will cite some lame example of him commenting on various incidents, but which manager hasn't commented?

deliberately inflencing and intimidating is another matter

seller said...