Thursday 11 November 2010

Wolves go hungry as good news rolls

After the dropped points at the weekend, it was imperative to bring back all three last night and with Chelsea continuing their winning streak, last night´s win was just what the doctor ordered. I am over thirteen thousand miles from home and the technology here is rather limited, thus I had to make to with a rather dodgy wi-fi connection and regular updates from the BBC website, hardly the best way to catch the game I must admit.

Whatever some say it was an away win, a clean sheet and more goals for Maroune Chamakh, two more to be precise. Overall it seemed a deserved what from what I have gleaned, Wolves did come close, some excellent goalkeeping from Lucasz Fabianski was needed on more than one occassion. Johan Djourou came in and did well by all accounts, he will be playing at Goodison no doubt.

Certainly a lot of the post match focus has been on the tackling in the game, seemingly exposing the media´s relentless hypocrisy in selectively highlighting Arsenal indiscretions, while ignoring worse from the opposition. Arsene and Cesc have both apologised for the latter´s late tackle, he was punished with a yellow, some argued it could have been a red, maybe. The thing is if you are going to waffle on about Cesc´s tackle then you must also highlight Henry´s on Arshavin and certain Milijas offences. To highlight one in isolation just shows those who do this to be biased and hypocrites of the first order.

The media, in particular the moronic Hansen on MOTD last night as well as Sky as always, and certain supporters seem to have one rule for people they like and another for Arsenal. Arsene does not deny that Arsenal players make bad tackles, he wants the current useless disciplinary system to be overhauled so tackles like Cesc´s and Henry´s from last night get the punishment they deserve. In fact there appears to only a small number of managers and players who actually apologise when they cross the line, bizarrely the mainstream media somehow tries to turn this against those who behave the best.

Certain sections of supporters are also hypocrites of the highest order, in fact those who waffle on about it being a man´s game and leg breaking being just an expected part of the contact appear to be the most sensitive when one of their own players is hit hard. Certain Wolves supporters are blatantly guilty of this, happy to condone Karl Henry one day, but then happy to shreik to high heaven when one of their own players is the victim of a bad tackle. Whingeing hypocrites? I wouldn´t dare accuse them of this, it´s a man´s blog after all.

People are entitled to their opinions, I have no problem with this, I just expect people´s opinions to be vaguely consistent and coherent, if they are not then it is perfectly reasonable to point this out. The problem is that in the age of the Internet and the modern media, it is not always the story with the most truth and accuracy that makes the most headlines, often the most sensationalist drivel makes the most noise.

In this environment a lot of idiots lurk and they can get away with venting a lot of vitriolic bile without having any logic to back it up. These idiots need to be exposed and often the best way is just to ask them if they can back up their offensive insults, invariably they scurry back to their little holes saying nothing more, they have nothing of note to add, their bark is worse then their bite. We saw this after my criticism of Mike Dean´s incompetence at the weekend, a lot of vitriol spewed forth, but when those who had been so rude were asked to justify their stance, they could not, they ran away like naughty small children.

Anyways moving swiftly on, there is some excellent news in that Mr Szczesny has signed a new long term deal at the club, fantastic news that. It is also rumoured that Kieran Gibbs isn´t far away from returning to full training, I doubt he´ll be risked this weekend, but maybe a return against Braga is on the cards. I´m stuck in a rather remote location and I suspect I´ll be unable to find any kind of means of watching the Everton game this weekend, I will probably have to find a computer at the end of the day and endure that awkward moment of sheer panic when finding out a football result after the solitary click on a mouse button. I will be impressed if anyone can guess where I am at the moment. It´s over 13,000 miles from the UK, the language is not English and the national hero is a small ex-cocaine snorting dwarf. I´m in the remote Souther bit of it by the way. Over and out.


Sam said...

The hypocrisy is relentless, true and so predictable. What is also so obvious is the glee that the media jump on any percived indiscretions by Arsenal players. They seriously think they are scoring points off Wenger by pointing out Jack's red card, or cesc's challenge (maybe I am biased, but that was never a red anyways!) They just dont get it, or simply refuse to admit they do?

Fuck them and their agendas.

Szczesny signing is great news as is that of Gibbs imminent return. Fingers crossed he can stay fit as he has to get games to continue his rapid development.

I noticed you didnt mention Diaby being near to fitness! Wonder why that was??? :D

1979gooner said...

An inadvertent slip partially and also partly because it doesn´t look like he´ll be back in the action this weekend, maybe a bit later than that! Good luck to him though.