Monday 1 November 2010

Perspectives and random Premiership thoughts

It's funny how players can go from villain to flavour of the month in a fairly short space of time, the reverse is also true of course, the same is certainly true regarding managers. We live in fickle times, so in this context it is worth taking the time out to appreciate what we have got from time to time, rather than moaning and whinging like a collective of spoilt toddlers.

Alex Song really has cemented his place in most Arsenal supporters' first choice elevens, it is worth remembering just how many people repeatedly wrote him off when he started out for us. His attacking play is certainly developing nicely, he is making more of an effort to get forward and he has chipped in with some vital goals this season, there is nothing wrong with this. I do hope that Arsene keeps reminding Alex Song that he must keep his defensive discipline while doing this, although he is an all rounder, his defensive work is the primary reason that he is in the side after all.

A player I must admit to have misjudged is Lucasz Fabianski, I am big enough to own up the fact that I would not have foreseen him producing such a run of solid goalkeeping performances, well player Mr Fabianski Sir. I still suspect the young Szczesny may well break into the side soon, providing he signs his new contract, he is certainly breathing down Fabianski's neck and will be looking to capitalise on the slightest of drops in performance. Maybe these will be more foolish words in time and Fabianski will prove me wrong again, you never know.

Some of the pressure on certain Premiership managers has been beyond a joke thus far this season. Chris Hugton has done a brilliant job at Newcastle, he took on a potentially poisoned chalice and has turned things around. If the rumours are true that Mike 'fat chav' Ashley wants a bigger name in, then it does prove that the Newcastle owner more of a twit than I previously imagined, it would be nice to see Ashley fail miserably, no one deserves failure more than this engorged culture less spud. The same is true regarding Roy Hodgson at Liverpool, the man is barely ten games in and he already has a number of deranged Scousers calling for his head, come on, give the man a chance, it really does beggar belief.

I suspect a few of you had a quiet chuckle at the second goal that was conceded by the Spuds at Old Trafford yesterday. It's funny how despite the fact Manu were already a goal up, the biased pro-Spuds media seemed to think that this goal suddenly made the whole win 'controversial'. Certainly a controversial second goal, but given the the Spuds couldn't score, they can hardly complain about the defeat, at least that's what a reasonable individual would suppose. It was interesting to see Rio Ferdinand have a go at refereeing while Paul Scholes manhandling of the referee was also ignored by the media, maybe they're both on the FA's payroll for their 'respect' of officials, I don't know.

We have a pretty mixed bunch of games coming up. First to Shakhtar in the Champions League and then at home to Newcastle in the league. We then travel to Wolves and Everton in the space of a week, not easy away fixtures by any means, especially given that that monstrous Karl Henry has been released from his cage once again. It will be interesting to see how Arsene rotates his squad in the coming days, West Ham have again shown us that there is no room for complacency in this league, one needs to fight hard for every single point. Perhaps Cesc will be rested in midweek given his hamstring niggle, maybe a youngster or two could get a run out in the Ukraine, Szczesny perhaps? Anyway that's enough rambling for the time being. Over and out.

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