Sunday 7 November 2010

Morons and perspective

I do not often write three pieces in such a short space of time but feel the need given the way in which some people are twisting what has been written to suit their own warped needs. Some people seem to think we were useless today, I disagree, that's not to say I think we were good, we were not, we were moderate.

We lost directly as a result of a poor goalkeeping error from Lucasz Fabianski. He came for high ball, was beaten easily by Carroll and Newcastle held on to this one goal lead for the second half. We huffed and puffed but couldn't blow the door down. We had the odd chance, Nasri and Cesc in the first half, Cesc in the second, a few half chances here and there, but it just wasn't to be.

I have criticised Mike Dean's performance strongly, I stand by this, he was useless and has been useless pretty much every time I have seen the officious little man in charge of a Premiership game. Whether it was his inconsistency, his inability to play the advantage or his lack of understanding of the game, he was generally poor throughout. I do not blame Dean for our defeat, this was down to Fabianski, our lack of cutting edge and Newcastle's excellent organisation. Still, Dean was sh*t and I stand by this.

A lot of nonsense will be spouted after this defeat. Outfield wise we were somewhere in between good and bad, the bottom line was that another bad individual error has cost us dear. Who knows what would have happened if we had gone in at half time with the scores level at nil nil? Arsene has a big decision to make now, does he persist with the hapless Fabianski or does he throw the young Pole Szczesny into the mix? I know what I would do.


Anonymous said...

Arsenal players are a joke. An utter joke especially that Chamakh

Anonymous said...

Calling your fellow Arsenal supporters morons for universally disagreeing with you? Tasteful.

You're a laughing stock and so is your stupid blog. Time to call it a day methinks.

1979gooner said...

Anon 1705

Grow a brain.

Who have I called morons?

Think about this for a second and then reply if you wish.

(just in case you cannot work it out, the title is obviously open ended and completely open to interpretation, it calls no one a moron)

Anon 1702

yes, they are all so utterly useless aren't they, so so bad, what jokes they all are (TIC)

Anonymous said...

Everybody was poor today. Fabregas had one of his worst games ever but still no one else stepped up to mark. Wilshire was trying but didn't have a great game. I think Szchesny should be given a chane. Fabianski had been doing ok it the last 4-5 matches but his mistake today is it for me. Chance given to be number one.... chance waisted. The team needs to look at this defeat learn if they want to win the league then games like this should be put to bed.

Anonymous said...

only moron is you.

You opted to focus almost entirely on the refereeing display by Dean instead of focusing on inept display by the side.

You can hide behind the little disclaimer at the beginning al lyou like but it showed what a blinkered little fool you are that you continue to post blogs on refs like a little jobsworth instead of just accepting that we deserved nothing from today's game.

Anonymous said...

I think Fab's error could be the final straw. A gk can mean the difference between vitory and defeat.He has been given enough chances.
IT's time to give the other gk ch a chance.He will have until Jan to prove himself. If not Wenger has to go for proven gk.If not the gunner could suffer once more.

Anonymous said...

Haha - you're really having a mare today aren't you?

I am now certain you just use this blog to provoke arguments.

"morons and perspective" what an awful, vile title and you deserve every bit of abuse you get.

Arsenal fan? Classly loser like you? The club doesn't need it.

Anonymous said...

The attitube stank today.We have a group of players who turn up thinking the game is won before a ball is kicked.It was the same in midweek.We were shite today everyone was poor.
Szczesny now has to start because we cant afford any Flappy cock up.

1979gooner said...

Anon with insults times two

you stillfail to address any substantive point put to you, just sad little playground insults

sticks and stones! comw back whwn you can make a proper comment that addresses an issue

Anonymous said...

We were rubbish and not good enough.We were the same last week v WHU but we got out of jail and they didnt have an excellent striker unfront like the Geordies.
Wenger is making the same mistakes as he has done for the last 5 seasons
And it doesnt help having a clown in goal.Szcesny must start now and play every game till january.If he does well he keeps his place if not go and buy Given,lmunia and Flappy must not play again EVER

Anonymous said...

Man City are level on points with us yet all the talk is of Mancini getting the sack.Yet Wenger the fool gets away it.In fact he gets a 4 year contract!!!!!
Today the whole team turned up and couldnt be bothered.It was a disgrace but we have seen it before v WBA.We have now lost twice at home to promoted sides who both deserved their wins.Dont be surprised if Wenger the idiot brings back the other clown Almunia in goal the man hasnt a clue

Anonymous said...

Christ, this clown has lost the plot. Stop blogging before you make a complete fool of yourself.

Anonymous said...

We started this season with ambitions to finish in the top 4 nows its all about winning the beer cup which all the other clubs cant be bothered about.Good job Newcastle played there 2nd string a fortnight ago eh?
How is it Wenger wont sign a world class keeper?

Rhinogooner said...

Don't stress yourself minding the kindergarten, 1979. You'll always have halfwits spouting nonsense. And tossing insults through cyber space. Well hard that lot...

Conversely, you can tut tut the no-wits like myself when I spout my nonsense. :-)

I don't really hold Mr. Wenger responsible for today's defeat. I mean, we still have our standard deficiencies that he is to blame for. But he put out a top side today who just couldn't muster the commitment and cohesion to overcome the Tynesiders.

But this is why I so despise putting out a weaker side to try to eek out points like we did against Donetsk. It causes a dent in our confidence. And this is a confidence team. We have to have momentum to keep rolling out wins. Once we lose, it always seems to snowball.

Plus, it's November. I'm not superstitious. But I cannot deny how ominously poor we seem to play every season at this time.

1979gooner said...

Cheers rhino!

Good to hear some sense for a change amongst the sack wenger/you're a moron brigade

agree on confidence, add this to a good toon side and a gifted goal and there you are


Uncle Mike said...

I don't think we can hang this one on Fabianski. Even an injury-riddled Arsenal defense, facing even a much-improved Newcastle side (and they are), should have been able to score 2 goals and get the Polish Joke off the hook. (Don't look at me like that: I'm also of Polish descent.) Our offense didn't show up today.

A guy on Arsenal-Mania posted a picture of one of those red-slash "No (Whatever)" signs, with a picture of a spine underneath. That said all we need to say. Credit to the Geordies: They stepped up, we didn't.

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned a Blog is a place for personal opinions and a place for people to intelligently discuss those opinions.

It isn't a place for some of you trolls to be obnoxious and basically behave like jerks.

If you have a strongly different take on the subject, start your own blog up and show some smarts.

1979gooner said...

latest Anon

I could not agree more

It´s funny how a lot of these trolls have nothing of any significance to say, there is no argument or content to back up their noise

seller said...