Tuesday 5 October 2010

Well done Newcastle United FC

I am pleased that Newcastle United have written to the FA urging them to act regarding Nigel De Jong's dangerous lag breaking tackle on Ben Arfa. An official statement on the club's website reveals the following:

"The club has asked the FA for the appropriate action to be taken against De Jong for the tackle which in the club's opinion was unnecessary and used excessive force."

The tackle was brutal and unnecessary, De Jong went completely through the man in an excessively forceful manner, it was blatantly serious foul play. Anyone who thinks that this kind of tackling should be part of football is a fool. The ball is now very firmly in the FA's court. Samir Nasri has also spoken out about the De Jong tackle and the lack of protection from the overtly violent in the English game. What he says is both fair and reasonable. Guillem Balague's piece on the topic is spot on, his comments on pressing and sensible tackling are particularly pertinent. Flying into tackles in an out of control rarely wins the ball, it is often a sign of failure, pressing does not have to go hand in hand with dangerous tackling. Graham Poll reiterates some excellent points on bad tackling here.

This season we have now seen several shocking tackles go completely unpunished because referees have made serious errors, the FA has done absolutely nothing thus far to try to stamp this violence out of the game. There was Robinson on Diaby right in front of the referee and now De Jong on Ben Arfa. There have also been some appalling tackles which have been under punished such as Karl Henry's shocker against Wigan.

The FA must act. Excessively forceful dangerous tackling must be confronted otherwise it will continue to lead to the skillful being quite literally stamped out of the game. The worst violent lunges need to result in six to twelve game bans whether the opposition player is injured or not. Other countries are acting on this, it is now time for the FA, but for some reason I suspect they will do precisely nothing again.


arsene-al said...

lets hope he gets banned for a while, atleast until our game with man shitty. this guy will be the end for one of our players for sure. if anyone checks 101greatgoals youll see his latest compilation of horrible tackles that hes gotten away with, the count is at 3 so far including one from the world cup..its disgusting what people can get away with

Anonymous said...

You pathetic inbreds, The FA will not do jack and why?, because they have already backed the referee and Nigel Dejong.

They cannot reverse what is already done so suck it up punks.


1979gooner said...

The FA may not act, true, but it is abundantly that they can act, even if the referee saw the incident and included it in his match report.

The FA have increased a ban before when they made the subjective judgement that a foul was serious enough to merit it, they can easily do this again for De Jong.

Other countries do it routinely for bad tackles, the FA here could do it.

So there, suck that up, you mug!

I would suggest you are the pathetic inbred, you are the one coming here and throwing around insults when you do not know your facts.

If you are not ashamed of De Jong's actions then you are nothingf but a shambles of an individual.


Uncle Mike said...

Hatem Ben Arfa is not an English player, but Newcastle United are "an English club." As Don McLean said, "They did not listen. They did not know how. Perhaps they'll listen now."

Anonymous said...

Don McLean also killed himself. Tired of waiting for progressive change?

Anonymous said...

i wud luv to see this happening to rooney or lampard before a qualifier.....and that time ill b supporting the player who did that..we will see what happens then...

Anonymous said...

Don't know why no one has mentioned the Shawcross tackle on Ramsey. Typical example of excessive speed and force leading to loss of control.

Worth said...

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