Friday 22 October 2010

Rooney/Terry/Adebayor: peas from the same pod

Wayne Rooney has signed a new contract with Manchester United just a few days after he released a statement saying that he was not going to sign up:

“I met with David Gill last week and he did not give me any of the assurances I was seeking about the future squad. I then told him that I would not be signing a new contract.”

This whole sorry saga reminds me somewhat of when John Terry flirted with Manchester City in order to get more money from Chelsea. There are certain obvious parallels, both players claim to love their clubs and are regular badge kissers, both players also toyed with leaving their beloved clubs simply because of money, as a result they showed a rank lack of respect to their supporters with their money wrangling tactics.

The Adebayor saga was slightly different, in that Adebayor openly pimped himself for a move whilst under contract with Arsenal, whether he was just angling for a new contract with Arsenal with these antics remains open to question, still there are some parallels with Rooney and Terry.

The difference between Rooney/Terry and Adebayor is that Arsenal fans showed that they have some morals by never forgiving Adebayor for his betrayal of the club. Chelsea fans pretended that Terry had done nothing wrong when he clearly had, maybe it would short circuit their empty heads to admit that John Terry was a complete and utter c*nt, I don't know. I suspect Manu fans will do the same, they will pretend that Wayne still loves the club and he has done nothing wrong, they will live in denial because it would be too painful for them to admit the truth, that Wayne Rooney is an truly despicable c*nt.

For me these three players represent what is worst about modern football, they have no loyalty or class, they are simply interested in money. All three players have disrespected both their clubs and supporters with some slug like behaviour, all three represent the unpleasant greed and avarice that is present in today's game. Chelsea fans have let themselves down by accepting this behaviour and I suspect Manchester United fans will do the same, these fans are partly responsible for this behaviour by effectively condoning it with their silent state of denial.

Adrian Durham thought that Arsenal fans cheering Eduardo on his return was a sad indictment on us, I think that precisely the opposite is true. Eduardo was a lovely character, he was so modest and always showed such humility, he also showed such courage and determination in times of serious pain and adversity, he was a rare example of cracking chap in a game so ruled by money and greed. I think that the rapturous applause received by Terry and Rooney from their own fans is a sad indictment and indicative of the lack of moral fibre in today's game, the fact that these supporters condone the moral bankruptcy of their own players speaks for itself. If Chelsea and Manchester United fans were to take a long hard look at their heroes and themselves, they may not like what they see, perhaps this is they prefer to live on in denial.


Anonymous said...

Spot on, agree totally! Very similar to Lebron James in the states, make a huge media spectacle to increase their image and wages!

Anonymous said...


to those names add cesc too because he wants to leave after signing on for a 5 year contract and kissing the badge. there is no point claiming the moral high ground for us arsenal fans when most of us are kissing cecs arse.

Anonymous said...

Ur right about the players are cunts but wat would of happend if adebeyor stayed fans stick by there own players

1979gooner said...

anon 1756

i knew people like yourself would comeback with the cesc case

however it is completely different in several key ways

he has shown a lot of respect for asrene, the club and the fans in the way in which he has kept things behind closed doors and not openly stated his desire to leave

his behaviour in public has never openly undermined the manager, club or fans

his case is therefore rather different

anon 1809

fans do stick by their own players to a degree, and this is part of the point made, however sometimes idiots like rooney and terry need to realise that there are limits to what fans will tolerate

personally i feel manu fans should give rooney some abuse to let him know that what he has done has been bang out of line

as an arsenal fan there are certain players who i could never get behind 100% after they had done certain things, adebayor being a good example

fans should not support their own players all the time, there are times when the players need to be told that they have gone too far

Royal_Arsenal11 said...

great article mate, i'd completely agree, all the antics of all these players, lebron included is ridiculous

Anonymous said...


Try to find a quote from Terry at the time. Typical Arsenal again. Believe the myth not the fact

Ted said...

We should actually be delighted that Manure have signed a contract with Fat Wayne. The fantasy economics of football will blow up in their faces. Paying a fat retard like Wayne £12m a year is terrific news since it ties up their resources in a player who is only going down hill.

Manure will be in Liverpool's position within 12 months. Mark my words.

Comparisons with Cesc are juvenile. Cesc was not seeking to renegotiate his contract this summer. And Arsenal would have sold him if Barca had made a decent offer.

Anonymous said...

What about bum boy Campbell?that ballbag has done over every club he's been at. (ars anal twice)scumbag but you Richard heads can't see it.u know it true :-)

Willo said...

Who the fuck is Adrian Durham?

1979gooner said...

Again campbell has never openly stated a desire to leave whilst undr contract. He did everything by the book.

Anonymous said...

What a farce....

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