Monday 18 October 2010

Hypocrites? No, never, not us at Birmingham City.

These are some quotes taken from Alex McLeish before Birmingham visited the Emirates on Saturday:

““We are in danger of taking tackling our of the game completely.......We have to be careful in certain situations. But I do believe that the players are taking heed. But there will still be the odd occasion when players collide. It’s inevitable."

Now here's Goodplaya revealing Mcleish's attempt to make Martin Taylor exempt from any criticism for breaking Eduardo's leg and here's McLiesh after the game:

"The tackle by Nasri is a sending-off for me. He's kneed the guy in the back. Is that not violent conduct? I don't mean to be a whinger but we've had a lot of decisions go against us over the last wee while. One of our players is going to have to get hit with a baseball bat to get a penalty, that's for sure."

Roger Johnson has also done the same as McLeish, I am sure he wouldn't think he's whingeing either but he also took the opportunity to compare Wilshere's tackle to Taylor's leg breaking one, he also conveniently forgot his attempt at decapitating Chamkh with an elbow. Liam Ridgewell also took the opportunity to talk about being hard but fair before the game, he was keen to point out that flying in a bit late was just an 'unfortunate thing':

“Every player knows what he is doing and everyone in football knows what they are doing. I don't think you can be pumped up so you don't know where you are......You are going to get it everywhere, where someone is going to fly in a bit late – that is just an unfortunate thing.”

It's amusing to see how Birmingham have completely changed their stance in the space of a few hours. I don't even need to accuse them of being hypocrites myself, the quotes above tell their own story. The ridiculous thing is that the media have completely ignored this about turn and instead various tabloid monkeys have had the audacity to turn on the people who have been the most consistent and honest. Hypocrites, never.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the way Birmingham are acting after this game its true what they say those who dish it out don’t like it back.

a club where in the last few years have broken two of our players legs (Eduardo & Cesc) and injured a few by using excessive force (Theo Last Season)and according to this very team we don’t like it up us. when it happens to a lesser extent to them its disgusting and should be made an example of.

Reading interviews with both MacLeish and Roger Johnson they have stated that the challenge by Wilshere is the same as the challenge by Taylor on Eduardo what were they watching, with Wilshere’ tackle at least the ball was there to be won and he kicked Zigic’ ankle.

Taylor was shown a clean set of heals by Eduardo the ball had gone, when Taylor decided (He’s not a dirty player) JUMPED and spear footed the opposite leg to which had control of the ball half way up the shin braking both bones and dislocating his ankle in the process.

to compare these 2 tackles are sick and unjustified testament to the barbaric way in which British managers see tackles. Did you see Arsene say i don’t think it was a red and hes not a dirty player NO he agreed with ref and so did the player admitting it was stupid to make that challenge there my friends is the difference between class and down right idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Birmingham are a pack of c*nts. I say we just start kicking f*ck out of teams that dish it out as the FA will never do anything.

So much more of these Wilshere tackles against Stoke, Blackburn etc then we'll see how many people call us soft.

Danish Gooner. said...

Someone should fire bomb Fleet street it is rat infested.

Uncle Mike said...

McLeish is worried that one of his players will get hit with a baseball bat? Hey, fly me from New York to Birmingham, and I’ll be happy to oblige! Might even make a side trip to Stoke.

“Everyone in football knows what they are doing,” says Ridgewell. Yes! Arsenal’s point exactly!

Who “doesn’t like it up ‘em” now?