Monday 25 October 2010

Mancini the 'whinger'?

It's funny how the media react, sometimes one manager is labelled a 'whinger' for nothing, at other times certain managers appear unable to take defeat in a particularly sporting fashion but the media stay rather silent.

Roberto Mancini has hardly been gracious in defeat, his interview can be viewed here in context. Firstly he disagreed with the red card which was as undisputed a red card as you can see these days:
"I don't agree with the referee's decision"

He then also claimed that City would have won if it had stayed eleven versus eleven, hardly sporting really:
"My opinion is that 11 versus 11 we would have won."

He should have kept this to himself. Just imagine if Arsene had dared to say something similar, he would be absolutely slaughtered in the press. Cesc's comments in response are rather amusing to say the least. I won't label Mancini a whinger, I just wanted to point out the hypocrisy that is present in our media. Mancini clearly could have taken this defeat in a more sporting manner, but the media have just let him do this with virtually no criticism. There are certain managers who would not get this red carpet treatment.


Anonymous said...

mancini is a bitch....after spending so much money they should have been able to beat us if it was 5 against 11

Davi said...

I didnt think what he said was so bad, but you're right, if wengger had said exactly the same thing, the press would spin it and take his words out of context. Its amazing how many people in this country really dislike wenger. Theres a propaganda machine against him. I dont understand it. He loses his rag sometimes, like every manager, but hes one of the more honest managers. Whenever he shows any passion they always turn it against him.

armyantz said...

Does Mancini have the A-Z book of excuses?