Friday 15 October 2010

FA think leg breaking is 'normal'

Following up on my recent efforts which have exposed the FA's completely incoherent and unjustifiable stance on dangerous tackling, I decided to get back in touch with the FA to see why they ignore limb threatening challenges and why they ignore their own handbook.

"It is the case that The FA may only take action in exceptional cases, and FIFA’s stance is that such use of this ruling must warrant truly exceptional circumstances. This would be for an incident which was outside the bounds of what might be considered to be a normal football challenge. This is where an incident is sufficiently serious in its nature to warrant a sanction over and above the applicable standard punishment having regard to the particular facts. We have recently spoken with FIFA to reaffirm our jurisdiction following this matter, and they have advised they are in agreement with our application of their rules."

The above is taken directly from the FA's reply and is in context. From this one can conclude that leg breaking challenges are 'normal' in the FA's book, it is unbelievable that they have said this in my opinion. De Jong's tackle on Ben Arfa was just 'normal' in the FA's book.

In recent weeks we have seen several tackles that should have been met with harsh retrospective punishment. These tackles were reckless, violent, overly forceful and jeopardised the safety of the opposing players. The FA simply can't be bothered to read their own guidelines, they feel leg breaking tackles do not warrant any sanction and they feel that they are 'normal challenges'. Words are failing me again, it is hard to describe just how cretinous and backwards these committee dwelling morons are.

Danny Murphy has told it how it is, Arsene Wenger continues to do so, Dario Gradi has joined in too. At least the FA's stance is now clear, they could act if they so wished, they have the power, they simply think that dangerous leg breaking tackles are a normal and acceptable part of the game. Leg breaking tackles should not be normal or acceptable, they must be punished properly, and the FA must not be allowed to rest until they are forced to see the light of day.


Anonymous said...

we can c FA is totally controlled by the dark force which leaded by Alex Froogy

Anonymous said...

Petition to FIFA,any country with bad ,violet tackling as norm should be excluded from Hosting the World cup.

Anonymous said...

I get the impression they are hoping this will all blow over eventually. Things usually do and it's only due to the recent high profile incidents that any momentum has built in the media and public eye so i guess they believe it's just an anomaly. But they are WRONG. The game has and is continuing to change but is clearly being held back by the archaic footballing institutions domestically and internationally. They lack foresight and only seem hell-bent on restraining the game in such a way that the obvious but ignored corruption is allowed to exist. This will only change if we suppporters and the bread and butter of the game speak out and never, ever let it go until it is acknowledged.

Well done 1979gooner, respect to you.

Andrew Luck said...

Yes, great post.

PREDICTION: Stoke, Wolves, Blackburn and their ilk will all rein it in a bit for a couple of games whilst simultaneously bending over backwards to highlight ANY dodgy tackles they can find from other less 'direct' teams.

Ordinarily I'd agree with the writer who saiid it will all blow over but I do wonder if this time it might be different. Why? Apart De Jong's 'antics' on the biggest stage of them all followed up by the subsequent sacking from his national side after his most recent assault, on Ben Arfur, the fact that a serving player has actually named three of the worst clubs is significant, in my view. And boy are they seething! And continually misrepresenting what has been said - no-one wants tackling banned but you wouldn't know it from the nonsense coming out of Pulis & Co.

The facts are simple; the balls are lighter, the players are fitter and the game overall is much, much faster than it ever was. Consequently, the governance of the game HAS to be adjusted to recognise and reflect this. And you are so right to criticise the bodies for doing nothing in what amounts to a complete dereliction of their most basic duties which is to uphold the integrity of the game and to take measure against anything - and anyone - who threatens this.

I look at the Arsenal injury list and at any one time it's amazing how many players are on that list as a result of being too fast (and too skilful) for their opponents - and we all know who they are, you don't need me to re-list them here.

But what will it take for those so-called 'governing bodies' to take action? Another Diaby, Eduardo, Ramsey, Afur? Will Wilshire be next? Walcott? Will a player have to get paralysed in an accident? Killed? The speed with which the game is played, the high stakes, the desperation of those on the fringes to join the top table - men like Pulis, Allardyce, De Jong; it COULD happen.

So those of you working hard to keep this in the spotlight, from managers, players to journalists and blog writers - keep up the good work!


Andrew Luck said...
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Anonymous said...

Commentators really highlighting every Arsenal foul etc.

Carried on and on about Chamahk going down before contact.

Don't recall any similar comments from cronaldo, rooney, gerrard, terry et all under similar circumstances.

Media (and fa) strategy is obviously going to be to try and shut us up by having a full go at us now.

Problem is our players certainly wanted to give them enough opportunities today.

We got one red, we could easily have had 3 (Nasri, Eboue and finally Wilshere).

We are going to have to mind our p's and q's for a while.

Have to say the ref wasn't as bad as I was expecting him to be.

The commentators let slip any veiled pretense at impartiality, they were rooting for b'ham outright all the way, we might has well have been some foreign team against engerlund.


1979gooner said...

agree Mike,

the media's lack of objectivity is ridiculous at times,

they are just looking for an excuse at times