Sunday 17 October 2010

Reflections and the need for video technology

So the dust has settled somewhat on yesterday's football, interesting to see that some of the reactions in the media were rather fairer than normal. MOTD was strangely objective in its assessment of events, they acknowledged that the Dann tackle was stupid and that there was enough for Chamakh to go down, they also gave fair coverage to Arsene on the Wilshere red. I have to say that on viewing it again, it wasn't quite as bad as I initially thought, he was not fully out of control and his leg was slightly bent, definitely a red card in today's game but not as far down the scale of depravity as a Shawcross/Robinson/Henry lunge.

Goodplaya has sensibly pointed out just how cynically Alex McLeish has exploited the Wilshere red card to pretend that Martin Taylor was completely innocent regarding Eduardo's broken leg. It does come down to luck to a degree as to whether a reckless tackle breaks a leg, but if Wilshere had been unlucky enough to break Zigic's leg then this would not make a difference, it was a bad reckless tackle and he must take the blame whatever the nature of the injury to the opponent. Interestingly the Mail has some wise words from Eduardo on tackling today:

'No player tries to deliberately break someone's leg, but they go into tackles not caring what happens. Even small clubs in Spain, like Getafe and Hercules, still try to play football. But you can't say the same for Blackburn and Wolves here.'

Exactly. Wilshere was guilty of that yesterday and he must learn, the good thing is that both he and his manager admitted culpability straight away with no arguments. The likes of Allardyce, Robinson, Pulis and Shawcross cannot even acknowledge that they are doing anything wrong, therein lies the problem. Imagine how the media would have reacted to Arsene saying that it was just a committed tackle from Wilshere in a man's game? That's the hypocrisy I'm on about.

It was interesting how Carr's straight legged lunge on Chamakh and Johnson's attempt to decapitate Chamakh with his elbow were both uncarded by the referee. There was some woeful coverage in the media yesterday, particularly biased and vitriolic were Trevor Francis's commentary and the Chapman/Savage BBC 606 show. It's this kind of drivel that I expect the media to spew forth in the coming days, on one hand it criticises Arsenal for being dirty but on the other it then claims that this dirtiness is just part of the English game, you can't have it both ways fool.

There were some rather poor errors from referees yesterday that showed how useful some selective use of video technology would be. Stoke were pushing Bolton players in the box on a systematic basis, Knight did handball in the box but only after a push by Huth, Klasnic was yellow carded twice but on both occasions he was the player being fouled, on the first he was simply wrestling free from a Stoke player's grapple, on the second he was pushed into a Stoke player by another Stoke player.

The Tottenham winning goal was a disgrace. How a player who is standing just three yards from the goalkeeper and right in front of him cannot be deemed 'interfering with play' is an utter farce. Gallas was clearly interfering with play and clearly offside, maybe Schwarzer wouldn't have saved it, but that's not the point, the point is that we can't know if Schwarzer wouldn't have saved it because Gallas was a blatant distraction for the goalkeeper. The referee got this completely wrong, an appeal system with video technology would have hopefully seen this goal correctly disallowed. The West Ham 'winner' from Piquionne being disallowed was another blatant error that could have been easily prevented by video technology, the ball was clearly controlled with his chest and not his hand.

Anyway enough on that, I should probably be concentrating on the corruption exposed by the Sunday Times today surrounding the bidding process for the 2018 World Cup, I think this corruption represents the tip of the iceberg in FIFA, virtually everything they do is likely to be run in a rather similar manner, what hope of progression in the game with video technology when the governing body is as corrupt as an African brothel. Maybe we should be focusing on the fact that Manu and Chelsea both dropped points yesterday, Manu looked rather porous against West Brom, Chelsea missed Drogba's cutting edge. Not a bad day overall to be a Gooner.


Anonymous said...

You are without doubt the biggest sad, deluded retard on the internet, and that is really saying something!
You and your pathetic 'one man crusade' to get dangerous tackles outlawed in a contact sport blows up in your face, and you'll still only half admit Wilshere was in the wrong.
He WAS out of control, and who gives a fuck if his leg was slightly bent? As much damage can still be done you delusional mong!!!
I presume you'll not be sending yet another letter to the FA calling for a twenty game ban then you spastic!
Reply in whatever manner you like to this post, because I won't be be clicking on this bitter website ever again. Six years without any silverwear can make people that way I guess. You have my sympathy.

1979gooner said...

I'd be to differ.

If you disagree then fine, at least try to verbalise it without the need for incessant personal insults.

Even though you say you won't be looking at my reply, I rather suspect you will because you're exactly that kind of individual and you know exactly what I mean by this.

The greay irony is that you are calling be a sad deluded retard, yet you are the one spending the time reading what I have written and then you can only respond with childlike insults. Hmmmmm.

A great shame to have lost you as a reader, I am truly gutted.

Interestingly you fail to grasp any of the arguments or logic put forward, this is evident by your ignorant and misguided words.

I am not trying to outlaw contact and I have not half admitted Wilshere was in the wrong, I suggest you engage your grey cells and actually read what was written in context.

You're the one bringing up silverware, maybe it's resulting in some premature axonal degeneration in your neck of the woods? Maybe you need to get it checked out?